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All blogging, like real estate, is local. Not necessarily in a geographical sense, but local in a sense of closely related ideas and common concerns. And while the best blog for one REALTOR® is not necessarily best for the next, there are a few blog sites where everyone can find and contribute REALTOR®-relevant, useful information on any topic you choose. Whether your interest is finding new customers, sharing or finding information on an issue you face, or just figuring out what blogging is all about, these sites are a great way to get started:

  1. – Join over 60,000 real estate professionals in discussing current happenings and important issues in the real estate industry. Create your own profile and your blog comes with it. The only thing you need to bring are your ideas.
  2. – No one blogger is at the center of this online meeting of minds. Posts are a community product developed by agents from across the country, including one of Virginia’s own blogstars. Find out who it is by visiting and clicking “G-Spot” and while you’re there, browse around for the newest approaches to real estate, technology product reviews and application of the next generation of the internet, Web 2.o, to the real estate profession.
  3. – Real estate information and technology meet to produce one of the web’s most accessed real estate blog sites at Viewed 7 million times per month, Inman provides users the opportunity to network while accessing relevant information from 250 newspapers and 50,000 websites daily. Don’t worry, you don’t have to read it all, but you might want to.
  4. – This site’s main goal is to make REALTORS® more successful; and it does just that. Real estate tomato provides everything a new real estate blogger or e-marketer wants to know, in addition to a few things that you hadn’t thought of.
  5. – Get an insider’s view of the mortgage industry, talk screen-to-screen with investors and read and comment on topics that attract real estate professionals from all over the U.S., all on the provocative Bloodhound Blog.
  6. – Want to learn to blog? Podcast? Market? Or optimize a search engine? Here’s a site that will teach you for free.
  7. – This blog is a little more focused than some others, but no less useful. Visit this site to get the inside scoop on how technology is enhancing real estate and provide feedback or get information on how these innovations affect you.
  8. – This site doesn’t receive as much traffic as other general real estate blog sites, which makes it easier to navigate in most cases. The big names in real estate blogging can be found here, but without the visual congestion of some other sites.
  9. Stay in touch with what’s happening at NAR on this blog. Many other sites will talk about NAR’s position on issues, but this is the site for those that want to go straight to the source.
  10. – Read more than 40 categories of real estate blogs on any topic from advertising and marketing to specialty services and fraud prevention at this site. This real estate community has resources for everyone, from experts looking to talk to other experts all the way down to novices and prospective professionals in need of a real estate glossary.
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  1. Jim Cronin says:

    Great list. Nice to be rubbing elbows with such giants.

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