Social Media & the Local Association

At the Lexington-Buena Vista-Rockbridge Association of REALTORS®, we’re a small Association, only about 192 members including primary, secondary, and MLS only. We’re a rural association. We don’t fit the demographics of the larger more urban associations. Most are baby boomer generation, some older, a few younger; perhaps 10 percent own laptops, most own computers; between two and five percent have smart phones, most do have cell phones; most have e-mail but some don’t; most get by with technology – just don’t make any changes or add anything new.

None of the listed items are meant as a criticism: it’s just who we are.

I’ve just gonelive with a gift to my local Association – a private social media network just for members of Lexington-Buena Vista-Rockbridge Association of REALTORS® but hush please don’t tell anyone this could be a “viral, social media event”. For now let’s just call what it is in plain terms – it’s a communication tool for our association members, leadership and committees to keep in touch & work together.

This is the message I sent out to our membership:

I am honored to be part of your 2008 Leadership Team!
During the last few months I have researched many different
venues for improving our association communication.
I have talked with association leaders about tools
they have found effective. By far the best rated has been Ning.

I’ve designed a private site for LBVRAR as a place for
all members, committees & leadership to share information,
photos, files, links etc. This is a work in continual progress!
It is your site! Play with it – you can’t break it! Have fun!

Right now I’m toggling between writing this post, checking email responses, and visiting the site to welcome new members personally. Yes, I’m nervous! I’ve been accurately “accused of being into that technology stuff”. And yes, I am trying to drag about 150 or so folks along with me ;~).

Guess what – 30 minutes after invite and I have about 20 members that have accepted my invite to the site! They’re excited, I’m thrilled. Now to keep the momentum and participation up!

I think we’re on the way to my goal of expanding the sense of community within our Association by improving communication and with that gain more trust in one another.… be continued….

Together WE Can…..

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3 Responses to Social Media & the Local Association

  1. Scott Rogers says:

    Great idea! We recently launched an internal web site for our local Realtor association, but it is not as dynamic as the Ning sites. CandyLynn — keep us posted on how this is received by your members.

  2. Jeremy Hart says:

    Nice job, Candy – I know that took a lot of effort on your part. LBVRAR is lucky to have you leading the charge!

  3. Congratulations on your lovely new site! It’s a great way for the members to keep up on important news. I’d love to have a local blog to log onto rather than wait for that newsletter to arrive in the mail…

    Your next challenge is to get all the members to subscribe to the rss feed.
    You are way ahead of the curve Virginians!

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