2000 clicks can’t be wrong: VAR’s Broker Tool Kit is a favorite among Virginia REALTORS®

brokertoolkitWell, we knew it was good, we just didn’t expect this overwhelming response!

After just a few months of availability, VAR’s Broker Tool Kit has crossed a significant milestone: 2000 downloads. VAR’s Broker Tool Kit is a comprehensive guide to everything you need to know about starting a real estate brokerage in Virginia. Even if you’ve managed a brokerage for years, you’ll want to keep this resource handy for the times you run up against situations you’ve never encountered. Developed collaboratively by VAR staff attorneys and the Virginia Manager’s Council, this convenient desk reference is free for all VAR members.

Another popular VAR resource making the rounds these days is our 10 Things you should know about today’s Virginia real estate markets. It’s title isn’t concise, but this colorful, engaging piece covers 10 important things to keep in mind about today’s housing market in just a few words. You, your agents, and clients will find facts and figures to put the current housing market into context in a way that acknowledges the flattening market. We encourage you to download a high-quality full-color PDF of this piece, print it, and share it at your next sales meeting and client appointment.

Other pages at VARealtor.com getting lots of traffic recently are the Standard Forms area, our Rookie REALTORS® section, and the REALTOR® Institute page.

Are you taking advantage of us? When it comes to the products and services we aim to provide to REALTORS®, we wish you would! Be sure you get your money’s worth from your investment in VAR by using the benefits we work hard to provide.

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