As an Educator, I feel that it’s important to look at today’s student, who is quickly becoming tomorrow’s buyer, seller, tenant, landlord etc… In short – your next client.  We know from information such as NAR’s Profile of Buyers and Sellers that the average on-line consumer takes between nine and 12 months before actually engaging in a real estate transaction. 

It’s important for you as a practitioner to know this, so that you can plan and know where to put your marketing investment.  The following is a glimpse of today’s college student and where they spend their time.  Whereas I don’t fully buy into their premise, you should concentrate on how they are learning.  A majority of what we’ll do with the up and coming consumer-group is education.  We are quickly losing the status of “keeper of the information” and are moving into the aggregator that will protect the consumer, by using our knowledge and wisdom to utilize data.