Governor Tim Kaine takes the stage at VAR’s Legislative & Education Conference

The Governor was inadvertently introduced as Tim McCain (freudian slip?).

  • Highlights mortgage problems
  • Mentions the Commonwealth’s Foreclosure Task Force
  • Lots of mixed signs in the economy
  • The good:
    • Significant new economic development deals brought to Virginia
    • Virginia named the best place to be born (children born in Virginia have the best chances for success in life; education, etc.)
    • Virginia named #1 state in which to do business
    • Virginia ranks high in education
  • The bad
    • Recession may be looming
  • Virginia has three powerful things going for it:
    • Very diverse economy
      • Despite our strong government services industry the number one industry is agriculture and forestry.
      • Strong education system
      • Global connections
    • The state has a “rainy day fund” of $1.3 billion
      • helps it weather difficult economic times
    • Virginia doesn’t have major budget challenges
      • pensions, etc. are well funded
      • great bond ratings
  • Virginia’s economy is most threatened by any future reduction in federal government spending
  • Virginia is and will continue to be in a good position relative to the rest of the country
  • This is a challenging time, but we have the tools to get through it
  • Education and workforce training are not being touched in the state’s recent budget cuts
  • Kaine proposing major capital construction project at community colleges
  • Kaine rattling off economic development deals in…
    • Petersburg
    • Danville
    • Falls Church
    • Harrisonburg
  • Construction at educational facilities has both short-term and long-term economic development
  • Expanding workforce activities and bringing them under the Commonwealth’s Chancellor of the Community College system
  • Times are tough, but there’s no reason for doom and gloom
  • Question from the audience about Prince William foreclosures
    • Kaine unsure how exactly to address the problems
    • Nearly $1 million in the budget for consumer counseling
  • Question from the audience about immigration and what’s going to happen
    • 137 immigration bills were introduced in Virginia this year
    • Governor will pursue bad behaviors
    • Will oppose anti-immigrant policies in Virginia in defense of foreign economic development
    • Being unwelcoming to foreigners harms our ability to bring in foreign investments and squanders our international assets (Hampton Roads ports and Dulles Airport)
    • So many of the economic development deals under Kaine have been foreign investments
  • Question from the audience about rail to Dulles
    • This project is Kaine’s albatross
    • Washington DC’s international airport should have a rail connection to the city
    • Virginia and the localities are putting forward 75 percent of the cost for a fixed-cost contract to build rail from Falls Church to Dulles
    • FTA denied the grant of the other 25 percent in January
    • The goalposts are being moved
    • The congressmen are pressuring FTA to approve the project
    • Kaine “will not rest until we make this thing work”
    • Dulles has more capacity for international flights that can be tapped if public transportation link to airport is developed
  • Question from the audience about transportation especially the I-81 corridor
    • Major transportation investment, especially in Hampton Roads and Northern Virginia
    • State and federal revenues being combined to make safety improvements, but no significant expansion planned.
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7 Responses to Governor Tim Kaine takes the stage at VAR’s Legislative & Education Conference

  1. I checked after another realtor emailed me. The VAR Buzz is still a nofollow website. Obviously from the articles I’m seeing today you all have been megabusy so it’s no big deal. But it’s on my planner to check a week from now–haha.


  2. Ben Martin says:

    Jay, yes, we’re just a bit busy this week. ;-)

    I was hoping to get to this earlier in the week but it got away from me. By Monday or Tuesday at the latest.

  3. Ben Martin says:

    Jay, if you’re listening, dofollow is up and running.

  4. Wait a minute…I thought the Governor’s name was Tim McCain :-). Great speach and a great guy. Makes me a proud Virginian. Still can’t believe RPAC didn’t endorse him, but politics is never as simply as it seems.

  5. Yeah….. the McCain slipup isn’t going away anytime soon… I’m sure it’s becoming routine…

  6. He is an amazing speaker, very natural and sincere. It was great to see him at the conference.

  7. The Media could take some tips from Tim. He did such a nice job of balancing the good things happening in the State while be honest about the challenges we face.

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