pat and john

It’s Tuesday and I’m still recovering from the “busy-ness” of last week in Richmond! Here you can see John Dickinson and me enjoying REALTOR® Day on the Hill last Wednesday.

The Legislative Conference was a very successful event. We made an impact on the Hill with our large numbers of attendees. We had more Legislators attend our Social Function at the Jefferson Hotel than we have in the past. We had the largest attendance ever, close to 600, who came to the Conference to take part in the Education classes that were available. Thanks to the work of the Staff and AG’s who all contributed to putting together the “extravaganza”!

I am officially making my Blogging debut with this post. I have encouraged our membership to become aware of the whole Social Media world and as your fearless leader, I’m jumping into it wholeheartedly. Ben Martin is helping down this path and I will be posting regularly as I travel around the State meeting with our local Associations.

My style, is to reach out for opinions and input… keeping with that thought I’d like for you to send me ideas or subjects about which you would like me to blog. Add comments or contact me at pat j at cfw dot com (Just learned this trick….keeps spammers from finding me from my email address!) I am excited about learning about the technology that is available to us and following this blog will create my FaceBook profile. Watch out Linkedin, I’m heading your way.