Hello World, this is your very own, VAR President!

pat and john

It’s Tuesday and I’m still recovering from the “busy-ness” of last week in Richmond! Here you can see John Dickinson and me enjoying REALTOR® Day on the Hill last Wednesday.

The Legislative Conference was a very successful event. We made an impact on the Hill with our large numbers of attendees. We had more Legislators attend our Social Function at the Jefferson Hotel than we have in the past. We had the largest attendance ever, close to 600, who came to the Conference to take part in the Education classes that were available. Thanks to the work of the Staff and AG’s who all contributed to putting together the “extravaganza”!

I am officially making my Blogging debut with this post. I have encouraged our membership to become aware of the whole Social Media world and as your fearless leader, I’m jumping into it wholeheartedly. Ben Martin is helping down this path and I will be posting regularly as I travel around the State meeting with our local Associations.

My style, is to reach out for opinions and input…..so keeping with that thought I’d like for you to send me ideas or subjects about which you would like me to blog. Add comments or contact me at pat j at cfw dot com (Just learned this trick….keeps spammers from finding me from my email address!) I am excited about learning about the technology that is available to us and following this blog will create my FaceBook profile. Watch out Linkedin, I’m heading your way.

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15 Responses to Hello World, this is your very own, VAR President!

  1. Jay Thompson says:

    Welcome to the Blogiverse Pat!

    The leadership of the VAR continues to impress me, all the way from Arizona.

    I hope the membership realizes what they have here.

  2. Pat and all at VAR… great conference. Thank you for your hard work.

  3. Jeremy Hart says:

    Pat – so glad to see you here on the “Buzz”! It says something that folks like Jay Thompson in AZ are here on the Buzz, reading and commenting and getting involved. VAR is leading the way in the social media capacity, and demonstrating to colleagues and customers alike our value. Thanks for jumping in and getting involved, looking forward to reading more here!

  4. John Powell says:

    GREAT JOB!!!
    Pat, We are proud to have such “High Tech, forward thinking” leader….

  5. Scott Brunner says:

    She’s such a show-off! She’s been tweeting for weeks, and now this. ;-)

  6. Jeff Turner says:

    Pat, let me add my blogosphere welcome to the mix. I think all of us outside of Virginia are watching with great joy what you are doing there.

  7. Go Girl, you continue to be a trend setter and a great example for us to follow!

  8. Arleen Yobs says:


    Good for you! Thanks for attending our IMAG meeting last week in Richmond! As a member of the group, I am excited about our VAR blog and know you are up to the task of posting your 2008 Presidential Diary!

    Actually, I am also learning, since I agreed to be a blogger on the site and I am not sure who will be reading this?! Great photo BTW and thanks for making us proud in Charlottesville!

  9. Arleen Yobs says:

    Am I supposed to leave another reply????

    I will say this…I have been visiting blogs and I think VAR has a SUPERIOR blog to that of NAR! We are so talented here in the Commonwealth!

  10. Bryan Penman says:

    YOU GO GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    as we sat in our local association technology work group meeting we had a very lengthy discussion about blogging as the future of communication for our REALTOR association, and my hats are off to your leadership, the VAR staff leadership, and the very supportive professional REALTOR community out there who are taking the time to learn us Gen Y’s that are getting into the business. We are all setting the standard for REALTOR blogging and it is starting to get noticed…. aehm, excuse me… already is noticed.

  11. Hi Madam President,

    And congrats on your very first blogging adventure. I am looking forward to your regular posts as you make your way around our fine commonwealth!

    I too have made my presence on Facebook at this blog’s urging. So the question is, will you be my friend?

  12. Great meetings Pat! Keep on blogging!

  13. Alecia Moroz says:

    Pat – You’re a true leader! Thanks for setting the example for the rest of the association. We can use your help spreading the word about how easy this social media stuff really is.

    You asked for suggestions on blogging topics, so here goes. In your travels, I am sure you will come across market developments and trends that are occuring in one area of the state but may not be seen in others. It would be great to hear about those trends if they are likely to affect multiple markets. For example, Northern Virginia is now dealing with MRIS’s new Secure MLS token. (A new layer of security that requires agents to carry a small device that gives them a unique log-in number that they must use each time they access the MLS separate from their ID and PIN.) This is a trend that other MLS providers across the state may choose to adopt, so it would be good to make members aware of the trend even before it hits all market areas. I’m sure there will be lots of things like this that come up in your discussions with the local associations that would be good to share.

  14. “Secure” MLS has nothing to do with security. It has to do with a few agents abusing the system and giving out their username and ID.

    To bypass th SAFE ID, just use http://MatrixWireless.MRIS.com

    Pat, will we see you on Facebook next?

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