Ignore The Headlines!

I’m so thrilled to see something positive about buying a house in the mainstream media! Scott Brunner mentioned the article briefly in his recent post but I really think this deserves some additional exposure.

On page 54 of the the February 25th edition of Time Magazine there is an excellent article encouraging buyers to purchase now while the interest rates are so good.  They actually show an example of how much more house you can buy now (at a higher price and a lower interest rate) versus waiting until prices drop 10 percent (and presuming the interest rates rise).

I went out and bought the magazine for those clients that embrace the written on paper word more than the online approach.  I would encourage you to let your fellow agents know about this and make it part of your added value arsenal of information.

I’m heading to Richmond Wednesday and Thursday to meet with our Strategic Planning work group. It is an exciting process, this week we are bringing in a group of Gen X and Gen Y Agents and a focus group of Top Producers from across the state.  We really are making an effort to listen to what our members are saying as we plan for the future.  I’ll share some of this process with you when we finish this coming session.

For know, keep your eyes and ears open for trends heading our way or issues that we need to know to make VAR the best… Together we can do this!

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  1. Exactly it is a great time to buy if you qualify for a loan. It is also a great time for investors with a long term interest. Nice to hear someone excited about the challenge of working with banks of sales. This can be the difficult part of the whole process and some customers get frustrated with. Hopefully in time banks/lenders will streamline the process. I think it will be an amazing year for those who purchase homes this year as they in maybe 10 years time find a nice profit on there investment.

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