Is the market looking up?

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On Monday, RealTrends released the results of a poll conducted earlier this month.

The results indicate that participants foresee an improvement in their markets, with 63 percent of participants either somewhat or strongly agreeing that there is improvement in their marketplace. Only nine percent strongly disagreed that their market is showing improvement.

Just as there’s no such thing as a national weather report, Virginia’s real estate market isn’t like the rest of the country (our new postcard can help you educate your clients on this point). And even within the Commonwealth there are wide variations in the market from area to area. Hallway chatter at VAR’s Legislative & Education Conference last week seemed to indicate that the worst was behind us. In fact, I watched more than one buyer’s agent prepare contracts from the hotel last week. My perception is that REALTORS® are far from twiddling their thumbs here in Virginia.

So how’s the market in your area? Complete this poll and we’ll share the results next week.

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