No CE, no see me

I have observed that Legislative & Education Conference sessions that offer CE are packed to the gills, and those that do not are, well, quite the opposite. I’ve also heard that the sessions that didn’t offer CE were among the best so far. The speeches by Michael Wurzer about the future of MLS and GMU’s Center for Housing Policy’s economists about today’s Virginia housing economy are among them.

This is also a self-serving post, since I’ll be moderating a non-CE session on the legal and ethical obligations REALTORS face when they jump into online marketing. Blake Hegeman, VAR’s associate counsel and Matthew Rathbun, Director of Education at the Fredericksburg Area Association of REALTORS will join me on stage. Hope to see you there.

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  2. It is sad that folks tend to only show up for the minimum, but I suppose it’s human nature. I found after I reached my minimum CE requirements that was a freedom to go to other modules and learn more that helped with my business. I left a CE class (it was a great class, but I’d taken it before) and went to the MLS Forum. I was hooked. I went in thinking it didn’t apply to me and learned a lot. I hope that the attendees for the Social Media session learned something. There were a lot of questions from folks who have taken their CE Ethics training and realized that this wasn’t addressed. So, absent the CE issue I was pleased that folks were actually there for knowledge!

  3. I enjoyed the class, even if we got a little sidetracked with questions about pictures. (I think it was a good sidetrack, since everyone seemed to want to know the answers…)

    It’s been a bonus when I find out that a session has CE credits attached to it. With such good sessions out there, I don’t see why anyone that’s serious about learning/refining their craft would have a hard time fulfilling their CE requirements.

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