Podcasts…. They’re easy and beneficial


I know what you’re thinking…. What do I need a Podcast for or more likely, what is a Podcast?

Well, let me answer both. First a Podcast is a system that allows audio files (video too, but we’re sticking to audio for now) to be down loaded by a listener from a webpage. Typically these files are played in software called iTunes and on iPODs. It’s free (my favorite price) and very easy to get. It can be downloaded from www.iTunes.com. And no… you do not need an iPOD to listen to the broadcasts.

Once it’s installed it’ll open up to a very simple application interface.


There are a number of sites that have podcasts for real estate agents. A link can be added to the iTunes library that will search for any new posts. So if you like a particular broadcast, you can add that link to your iTunes software and anytime something new comes up, it’ll be updated on your computer.

There are many, many more aspects to this software, but I want to get to the good stuff…

So, why would a REALTOR or Brokerage Firm care about podcasts? Well, education and information for both consumers and REALTORS is a very important marketing venue. With the ubiquitous amount of information on the internet REALTORS need to be the source to bring order to chaos. You can do that by reaching out to consumers in a venue that they know and use. For Brokers, why not record your staff meetings or special training and put it on your webpage? This will allow agents who missed it, or wish to hear the information again, the ability to do so. Better yet, it might show how progressive you are as a company and help you with your recruitment efforts.

The era of static webpages is coming to an end. Today’s practitioner needs to ensure that there is an interactive resource for your web presence. The consumer needs a reason to come back and by giving them something new, it will help to encourage those returns and set you apart as the “expert”.

Now that you know it has value, your next question maybe ‘how hard is it’? It really isn’t hard at all and it’s practically free. You’ll need internet access and a microphone. A typical microphone for your computer (many are built in now) is as inexpensive as $10. For a nice headset with a mic, it could be more expensive, but the quality will be better.

Where to start? Visit http://audacity.sourceforge.net/ and download the free recording software Audacity. This is very easy to use and it can be setup in minutes… You’ll be able to create an .mp3 file (which many, many devices can play) and save it.


Once you have the software and have recorded your first mini-seminar, you’ll need to put it somewhere to “host” it. This means that you’ll need to put it on-line, so that you can tell the consumer where to find your gold mine of information.

A good place for beginners to start is http://www.PodBean.com . Again, it’s free, it’s easy to use and has lots of help in case you get stuck.

Now, this is the very basic information; so of course there is much to learn from here, if you want to go further. This is quick and simply guide to getting started. Give it a try and see how you like it!

Have fun!!!

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  1. Candy Lynn says:

    How did I miss this great post? Matthew first you teach me about videos & posting on youtube – now another added to my must do list.

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