In our ongoing effort (okay, MY ongoing effort) to keep you well-read on what’s being written out there about the housing economy and your profession, here are a few must-reads:

> Incredible, but true: Daniel Kadlec actually writes something positive about the current housing market in last week’s issue of TIME . Any article about the current situation that’s entitled Ignore the headlines (as this one is) has got to be provocative, right?

> This, from the February 22 New York Times about some new proposals Congress is considering for “rescuing” homeowners who are upside down on their mortgages. What’s your take on this idea of a bailout (for lack of a better term)?

> Interesting piece here (from that takes a contrarian view of what’s happening (and is ahead) in the mortgage markets. Be sure and read the comments, too, many of which take a contrarian view of the author’s contrarian view.

> Speaks for itself: Top 5 Things I Love About The Current Real Estate Market

> The Next Slum? In this month’s Atlantic Monthly, Christopher B. Leinberger says the subprime crisis is just the tip of the iceberg. Fundamental changes in American life may turn today’s McMansions into tomorrow’s tenements.

> How to find your lost iPhone. I read about this at sellsiusrealestateblog. If you lose your iPhone, this service will locate it for you on a Google map. Not that I can imagine anyone so careless as to misplace anything as lovely as an iPhone….

> From today’s NYT (Feb 23): A ‘Moral Hazard’ for a Housing Bailout: Sorting the Victims From Those Who Volunteered

Lastly, if you have a life outside work, pick up a copy of THE ROAD by Cormac McCarthy. Has not a thing to do with real estate, but I just finished it, and it’s the best thing I’ve read in a long time. And don’t be dissuaded by the fact that it’s an Oprah Book Club pick; it won last year’s Pulitzer Prize.

– Scott Brunner, CAE