Seth Godin says it’s time for real estate agents to hang it up

Then he addresses the ones who decide to ignore the advice. Then he proceeds to give REALTORS a free and easy tool to become the mayor of their zip code. All the trendspotters agree getting hyper-local is good advice for REALTORS. This tool looks like an easy way to get started.

Anyone who has developed one of these pages, please leave a comment. I’m sure everyone would like to hear about your experience so far.

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5 Responses to Seth Godin says it’s time for real estate agents to hang it up

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  2. Scott Rogers says:

    Interesting. I created one:

    One unfortunate aspect is all of the advertising throughout the “lens” — in fact, right at the top of my page is a Google ad for a competing Realtor in my market.

  3. Ben Martin says:

    Ah, the ubiquitous Google ads. Is there an option to pay Squidoo to have the ads removed? How long did it take you to set it up?

  4. Scott Rogers says:

    Not too long — 10 minutes maybe, and then I fiddled around with it a bit. Squidoo is rather interesting — do they have a lot of traffic? I haven’t heard anyone reference it in casual conversation!?

  5. I set one up too for Arlington real estate this afternoon based on that article I pulled from bloodhound this morning. I’d been meaning to create a lens for the last 6 months. Couldn’t figure out how to get images in the body. Don’t understand it completely yet. Want to integrate it into flickr and facebook (when I get that redone and started over after making the mistake of not keeping separate a personal and a professional profile). So I haven’t used Facebook at all due to how I didn’t want to let all my personal stuff (groups and interests) be out there in my public profile.

    I noticed james boyer commented on a post, Ben. That’s because you’re on eric bramlett’s dofollow list which got VARBuzz some attention. Realtors from other states were impressed with VAR compared with their own associations….

    I just wish we could get rid of the old lockboxes. One reason I got a smartphone was to use it as my supra key like they do in other markets. I don’t know if VAR has any say on that….

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