The only way NOT to get anything from a REALTOR event is to NOT show up…

At the close of the week of meetings, well attended and less attended sessions, CE and more I wanted to offer an observation about the best aspect of Legislative & Conference and REALTORS in my view.

Of all things that have impressed me about the Virginia Association of REALTORS and this conference, their connectivity is what stands out the most. Whether through blog-talk or conversations at the dinner table, I don’t think I’ve seen a group ‘conference’ so ‘effectively.’

Some groups convene for the sake of having a get together; but, this week I watched the largest trade association in Virginia convene and offer every attendee (REALTOR or not) something valuable to take away. From sessions on getting your website attention to AE2AE where a small group offered candid feedback on how state assn actions affect locals, the whole event was like a flood of useful information. So much so that I was on overload by day two.

I’m not a REALTOR and I walked away with feedback (both criticism and praise) that helps me perfect my craft, a new contact for graphic design, and information on RE and contacts that will never lose their value.

This made me think about President Pat Jensen’s Inaugural speech back in November. When I first watched it, it seemed like another well-written script with a great mantra at its close “Together We Can.”

But after meeting VAR members, local AE’s and other conference participants, I‘ve realized this organization isn’t just phenomenal on paper because of it’s size, but it’s also practically impressive in that whenever it assembles every attendee benefits.

Examples: At the blogger happy hour Candy Lynn taught me about ‘tumblers’, hanging out with Ben & Jim I learned a ton about the MLS proposed evolution and the ripple affect it could have on Realtors and consumers, and last but not least Tony & Danillo taught me that bloggers are most impressive (and maybe even most dangerous) when they come from behind the keyboard.

The smallest bullet in the brochure and simplest aspect of an event like this is perhaps the most powerful part of it all; Networking.

Maybe we should make a bigger deal about this in the marketing?