They’re little, but they’re loud: Lexington Assn aims to make its mark on its members & community

I just finished a delightful/grueling couple of days in Lexington facilitating the Strategic Planning process for one of the smallest local associations of REALTORS® in Virginia (one with quite possibly the longest name….take a deep breath): the Lexington /Buena Vista /Rockbridge Association of REALTORS®. It’s an association of about 120 – an association that’s never had a strategic plan – and it was quite possibly one of the most personally rewarding (to me, I mean) sessions I’ve ever been a part of. In Lexington, and found a committee of 16 energetic, well informed REALTORS® of every demographic stripe who were passionate in their desire to chart a new course for their association. In two days, they managed to challenge my assumptions about what makes an association great (it’s NOT its size; bigger isn’t always better), about the nature of association cultures (insularity is always a risk, but there’s something to be said about the warmth and familiarity of a close-knit community), and about the power of new ideas to energize organization leaders (wait ’til you see their plan!). The proof will be in the implementation, of course, but I suspect Lexington REALTOR® leaders can serve as role models for other local associations of REALTORS® who want to improve the value proposition they offer members…and who are willing to commit themselves to a plan for doing so.

The LBVRAR membership will get a first peek at the proposed plan in a series of upcoming Town Hall meetings and can offer input; the final proposed plan will be voted on in April. For now, here’s a sneak peek at sme parts of the plan…the mission, envisioned future and broad goals their Strat Planning Committee will propose (wish I could take credit for it, but I can’t):

MISSION (Why we exist):
The LBVR promotes its members’ success by providing quality services and support that enable its members to serve our community with professionalism and integrity.

ENVISIONED FUTURE (What the future will look like with the implementation of this plan):
• Members are actively involved in and proud of their local association
• Members trust and support LBVR leadership.
• The public values and respects the services LBVR members provide.

GOALS & OBJECTIVES (Our plan of work):

1. COMMUNITY PRESENCE AND INFLUENCE / LBVR actively participates in the community in ways that benefit its members and their customers and clients.

2. PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT / LBVR will provide educational and professional development opportunities for its members in order for them to demonstrate competence and integrity to their customers and clients.

3. BUSINESS TOOLS / LBVR will provide business tools and resources to optimize its members’ business effectiveness.

4. EFFECTIVE ORGANIZATION / LBVR maintains a viable organizational structure and systems that benefit its members and encourages member engagement.

Stay tuned. This is an association that’s going places….

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8 Responses to They’re little, but they’re loud: Lexington Assn aims to make its mark on its members & community

  1. Candy Lynn says:

    Believe me the pleasure was all ours! We are indeed fortunate to have you as CEO of VAR, you go far beyond the call of duty and reach out to all members.
    Thank you!
    And yes – we are loud & excited about our Strategic Plan.
    Candy Lynn, 2008 President Lexington-Buena Vista- Rockbridge Association of REALTORS(R)

  2. Steve Martin says:

    Thanks again for taking the time to come to Lexington to facilitate our Strategic Planning Process. I was valuable beyond measure. I think beyond the road map we are creating, everyone got a sense of everyone else’s deep commitment to creating an organization that gives value to it’s members and community.
    By the way, next time I’m in Richmond, we can meet at the Apple store!!!
    All the best,

  3. Amy Gianniny says:

    Hey Scott,
    Thanks you so much for taking the time to “heard all us cats”!! I have receieved all positive feedback and enthusiasm as we move forward in our next steps here at LBVRAR. We have some work ahead of us, but it is all very exciting.

  4. Scott,

    Thank you for your time, insight, and commitment to VAR and LBVRAR!

    Your input and expertise was incredibly valuable in making our strategic planning process a success. While implementing the plan is the challenge ahead, I am convinced our association is committed and prepared to move forward in making this happen.

    It was a true pleasure being a part of this process…intense, exhausting, yet extremely rewarding! There really seems to be positive energy regarding the future of our association. Most importantly, we now have a “map” to lead us in the right direction. Thank you again for the support you provided and the time you gave to LBVRAR this past week.


  5. Cathy Shiflett says:

    I want to thank you for the valuable time,leadership & support that you have given to our committee and the LBVRAR.


  6. Stevie Bond says:

    Thanks to all who have volunteered to take on this huge project. As a past president and long time member of the LBVR Association of Realtors, I applaud the efforts of you all!

  7. Rick Alford says:

    Dear Scott,
    Ditto the above comments. Your time, expertise, & commitment were invaluable to the process; thanks for all you bring to the table. Rick

  8. I love 1 page strat plans. Nice work Candy and the gang at LBVRAR! It is great to see the major domo at VAR so involved in a local association. You rock Scott!

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