This Valentine’s Day, discover why Virginia is for Bloggers!

Virginia REALTORS bloggers

Everyone knows Virginia’s famous tourism tagline: Virginia is for Lovers. At VAR, we love our bloggers, so in conjunction with our Legislative & Education Conference this week, we’ve set up an informal happy hour on Valentine’s Day to give them an opportunity to meet each other face to face. We’re also extending the invitation to our members who have opted into VAR’s facebook group, VAR’s Linkedin group, or who happen to be using Twitter. See the January/February edition of Commonwealth to learn more about facebook, Linkedin and Twitter.

Finally, if you just want to learn more about social media or meet the REALTORS® who are using it, feel free to drop in. You don’t have to be registered for the Legislative & Education Conference to attend the happy hour (but it couldn’t hurt). Here are the details:

When: Thursday, February 14 • 5:30 – 6:45 p.m. (or later if you’re not attending the Hall of Fame Reception)
Where: The ground-floor bar at The Tobacco Company • 1201 East Cary Street
How to find us: Look for people wearing “Virginia is for Bloggers” stickers, like the one you see above

Please feel free to spread the word. If you have questions, please e-mail Ben *at* VARealtor *dot* com.

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6 Responses to This Valentine’s Day, discover why Virginia is for Bloggers!

  1. Hey cool! Sounds like a great meeting place! i guess we can pickup the sticker at the registration desk?

  2. Ben Martin says:

    Matthew, I’ll leave a few at the registration desk, or find me.

  3. Ben, I hope you don’t mind if I saved the Virginia is for Bloggers image. Maybe I can use it sometime.

    Also I think that since VAR represents its members interests that the VAR Buzz blog should be modified in this regard: it should be a dofollow blog in which appropriate links in comments by real contributors get counted by the search engines as links versus the nofollow format it currently is. This would be more appropriate considering VAR is not some competitor in the marketplace but an ally who is supposed to have some degree of positive impact on the real estate community. Do follow links would go with that.

    Of course, 1 line comments with a link would not be appropriate, for example. But the practice should be allowed. Here’s an article by a respsected blogger on the issue from REW & Bloodhound (like Jim): Actually it’s not an article but you can see from the comments a lot of interest in the issue.

    Thanks VAR for supporting us 1st… :)

  4. Ben Martin says:

    Jay, it will be done, and most likely by the end of the day. And by the way, we’ll soon be building a blogroll for Virginia REALTOR® bloggers.

  5. I appreciate it. It will increase the # of substantive input and comments by the bloggers if there is a little bit to gain in the process sometimes versus nothing. The time to write comments is valuable….

    Thanks so much. I trust my colleagues to be modest with the new arrangement, and I’m now got my RSS set up for the VAR Buzz. “Buzz” was my nickname in high school as I was the first dude to get a flattop back in the later 1980s. Funny, eh?


  6. Brian Block says:

    Hey Ben,

    Can you send me one of those cool stickers? Wish I could make it down to the get-together, but frankly I’ve got some more important plans with my sweetheart for Valentine’s Day. I already spend enough time away from her blogging, so it’s a no-go this time around.

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