Last week we ran an unofficial poll of VARbuzz readers to determine if they believe the housing market is starting to turn upwards after leveling off in previous months. Here are the results of the poll.

To what extent do you agree with this statement? My market is showing signs of improvement as of the end of January 2008.

  • Strongly Disagree: 16 percent
  • Somewhat Disagree: 8 percent
  • Neutral: 4 percent
  • Somewhat Agree: 36 percent
  • Strongly Agree: 36 percent

With 72 percent of respondents stating that they strongly or somewhat agree with the statement, these results indicate that VARbuzz readers are slightly more optimistic about the housing market’s outlook than those who replied to the Real Trends survey, in which only 63 percent strongly or somewhat agreed with the statement.

If you have any anecdotal evidence from the field to support or refute these numbers, please leave a comment.