Conversation with a USA Today top 10 economist: NAR’s chief economist Dr. Lawrence Yun to meet with Virginia REALTOR bloggers

This spring is shaping up to be very busy here at VARbuzz. In addition to the Blog Brawl (round three voting closes at 11:59 p.m. on Tuesday, March 18), we are thrilled to announce that VAR has arranged a meeting in which NAR’s chief economist, Dr. Lawrence Yun, will talk with five Virginia REALTOR bloggers.  Coincidentally, today NAR announced that Dr. Yun has been named one of America’s top 10 economists by USA Today (read NAR’s press release).

The dialog with Dr. Yun will be late next week, so you can expect to see posts the week of March 31 at VARbuzz and these five Virginia REALTOR blogs:

In a bit of a tease, last week we inquired of VARbuzz readers: If you could ask Lawrence Yun one question, what would it be? We’ve gotten a few replies, but now that you know we can deliver your questions directly to one of the country’s top economists, we encourage you to leave your question in the comments here or on last week’s post.

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15 Responses to Conversation with a USA Today top 10 economist: NAR’s chief economist Dr. Lawrence Yun to meet with Virginia REALTOR bloggers

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  3. As the first person to ask a question in your previous post (yes I was first, but something not on my end held up my post), I would like to ask how the 5 bloggers were chosen?

    I hope there isn’t any fear that certain bloggers might ask some tough questions.


  4. This is fantastic bringing bloggers to NAR and hopeful they can embrace this part of the industry and see what it has to offer. Thanks in advance for paving the way for so many and good luck.

  5. Frank, our goal was to enlist the help of a broad cross-section of bloggers but limit it to a small number so as to not overwhelm Dr. Yun with so many people.

  6. What would be amazing is if you invited non-Realtor blogs, or bubble bloggers that watch Yun like a hawk.

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  8. Although the bloggers have already been chosen,I would be up for another meeting with Lawrence Yun.

    Lawrence Yun should be commended for metting with bloggers.

  9. The NAR seems to be intune with the Virgina market and showing interest. Do they know something we don’t?

  10. Nope, we simply invited him, and he accepted. Lawrence has been much-maligned on the, and unfairly in my opinion, and we wanted some Virginia bloggers to have a chance to hear his perspective first-hand.

  11. I see the real estate Zebra will be there! No doubt, he’ll have his handy video camera in hand. Can’t wait to see what each of the 5 various bloggers take away from this conversation. Hats off to Mr. Yun for taking the time to meet with some of our best!

  12. Bob Carney says:

    Wait…If the zebra was behind the camera…who was in front of it? I am sure there will be some interesting accounts of their experience. Looking forward to see Lawernce Yun’s spin on the economy.

  13. Tony Arko says:

    36 hours later and not one post, not one video, not one audio, not one word about lunch with Larry Yun. Very interesting. I smell a fish.

  14. Jim Duncan says:

    Here are the photos; and you’re right. He was great; it was a love-fest. :)

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