Face the facts: Facebook’s more than online socializing

Did you know VAR is on Facebook? It’s true! If you point your browser to www.VARealtor.com/facebook you can join 120 (and counting!) REALTORS who are doing business through Facebook.

You might be asking: How can you possibly use Facebook for business? Well, here are three real-life examples.

First, watch this video testimonial from Frank Borges LLosa of FranklyRealty.com (his webcam is a bit “buggy”):

Next, Cindy Rhodes from Prudential Decker Realty in Virginia Beach, gives us this testimonial:

After reading all the industry articles regarding social networking and its potential applications for real estate, and consulting with my college student daughter, our resident Facebook expert, I decided to give Facebook a try. Besides enabling me to stay in touch with my daughter and her friends remotely, I have come to the conclusion that although in its infancy stages as far as real estate is concerned, my ability to network with other agents through it does have merit. As a resident of the southside of Hampton Roads, I don’t feel that I am able to service clients well on the Pennisula. Through my communications with Lisa Remington-Smith of Prudential McCardle Realty in Williamsburg, on Facebook, I now have a source to refer those clients. Just this week, I responded to a Coldwell Banker agent from Richmond who is looking for an agent to service his Richmond client in purchasing a second home. I will continue to my Facebook networking practice, and look forward to meeting many new Realtors here.

And finally, this story from Daniel Rothamel, an agent with Strong Team REALTORS in Fluvanna County, a rural area between Charlottesville and Richmond.

Last September, I received an invitation through Facebook to attend a networking event in Richmond, which is a bit on the fringes of my usual territory. Even though it was outside the area where I normally do business, I decided to go anyway. During the event, I met an appraiser who also works in my area. Through this appraiser, I met a developer. It just so happened that this developer had 18 homes in my county that needed a listing agent. We picked up all of them. I wouldn’t have met this developer or picked up these listings if not for Facebook.

Three stories. Three different uses of Facebook. Referrals made. Commissions earned. How will you use Facebook?

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