We are a mobile industry. Finding new tricks to hook us up to information while on the road is pretty important.

Looking for a new trick to save some change? How about spending nothing (if you have an unlimited cell phone text messaging plan) as opposed to $1 or more for calling 411 and having to write down a phone number. Have I got your attention?

A few years ago, Amy Chorew – national technology instructor taught this trick at a VAR Convention. This is why I go to all the classes I can get, but if you ever get the chance to attend a Chorew class… GO!

Ok, here’s the trick….

First, go to your txt message / SMS message software on your phone. I use the Treo 650 and will use screen shots from my phone (which is pretty cool in and of itself) to illustrate.


Open the new message screen and enter Google in numbers, which is 466453. Then go to the message area and type in a clients name or business name and the zip code. Then hit “send”.


Once you hit send, it will take a few seconds and you’ll get your response.


Notice that your message comes back with a hyper-linked telephone number and the address. If there are more than one in the area, it will list all the people or business in order of those nearest the center of the zip code and out. You can click on the telephone number if you have an iPhone, BlackBerry or other type phone. Otherwise select it on your cell phone and hit “send” on your phone (usually the green button on most phones, with the telephone symbol on it.

From there it will not only dial the number, without having to write it and re-dial the number. It also allows you to save the number in your sms messages so that you can add it to your contacts later.

One last hint: I don’t know about you, but I can’t remember 466453, so I saved it as a new contact under Goggle in my phone book for future reference. It’s really a cheap and cool trick – ENJOY!!!!