I have been invited to offer a few comments on VARBuzz and appreciate the willingness for Scott and Ben to afford me a few inches of valuable space. These guys have really put themselves out there and it must be a very exciting time for the Virginia REALTORS®.

As to offering a bit of content related to today’s market conditions, we have been lauding the announcement that HUD has come out with some conforming loan limit caps which are actually higher than what was expected. There is even an appeal process, I’m told, should an area feel they have not gone quite far enough. So to those of you who seem to perennially reflect on how government agencies don’t work or don’t care – at this time, on this issue – these folks ‘get it.’ They’re trying to be part of the solution rather than the problem. So give ‘em a hand, you’ll be amazed at how well intentioned they really are!

Blogmaster’s note: Determine FHA’s new loan limits using their new interactive online tool.