sixarmsadjustedMike Berry, last week in Charlottesville at the Relocation Day said, ”There are people who wake up with absolutely nothing to do and barely get it done by nightfall!” Most of our VAR volunteers don’t fit that description, and neither do I.

A couple of weeks ago, Scott Brunner, VAR’s CEO, suggested I do a blog post about how in the world I pull it all off! This photo may help explain! In addition to my duties as VAR President, I also manage one of Real Estate III’s largest offices in Charlottesville with about 50 agents, I am involved in a major remodeling project at my home, and my youngest child (and only daughter) is getting married at said home on May 10th!

I am passionate about my role as your President. We have been working on our Strategic Planning process which involves about five two-day sessions, we had a very successful Legislative Conference in February, and we are looking forward to the NAR Governance meeting in DC in May. Scott and I are currently scheduling our outreach visits to each of the local associations. Spending time with our associations and our members, although time consuming is incredibly rewarding.

I live in the house that my parents built in 1960 close to Charlottesville. A true “Leave It To Beaver” décor has been acceptable as we have spent our time raising our children. But time had come to do some major work. I have a background in architecture and interior design (and we happen to have our own Class A Contractors license) so I took on the job as contractor and designer and hired two of my sons and an experienced carpenter to start the job (last July!) Kind of difficult to fire your crew under those terms…but overall we are stumbling out way through the process and running on slight panic now as we approach the wedding date!

My husband, Doug, and I married at my parents home (where we now live…and are remodeling). My daughter Sara wants to do the same and prefers to marry this year instead of next (in spite of some suggestions that they wait for a year!) I’m so excited for her and I’m helping to do the Mother Of The Bride thing, as well as the Matron of Honor thing. Somehow I know it will all come together.

By the time Scott and I really get into traveling around the State for our Outreach, it will seem like a piece of cake!

You know what they say… If you want to get something done give it to a busy person to do! Bring it on ! I’m loving it, this is my year and I’m feeling empowered! By mid-November when my capable President Elect, John Powell takes over I’m sure I’ll be exhausted, but until then I’ll just add a couple more arms and get help from so many of you and “Together We Can” make this year one of the best ever!