It’s tip-off time! Real Estate Blog Brawl is underway

Here we go! The first annual VARbuzz Real Estate Blog Brawl has begun!

We had nearly 2400 distinct nominations for over 70 real estate blogs. We whittled the field down to 60 blogs because we had to exclude a few non-REALTOR blogs. Sorry to any mortgage brokers, technologists, etc. who wanted in, but we are tying to keep the contest strictly REALTOR-focused.

Several blogs received an identical number of votes. Blogs that received the same number of votes were seeded based on the nomination’s first timestamp. In other words, if two blogs got 10 votes each, whichever blog got the first nomination got a higher seed than the one with the later nomination.

Congratulations to the NRV Living, Phoenix Real Estate Guy, Real Estate Zebra and Real Central VA blogs for attaining number one seeds. For their strong showing during the nomination process, they have been issued first round byes. Here’s an interactive spreadsheet, complete with hyperlinks, of the brackets filled in for you (note that there are four worksheets for the four zones).

The Blog Brawl is broken up into four zones of 15 competitors. Below is the voting box for Zone 1. RSS subscribers may need to click through to vote. Voters must complete the entire form in order to proceed. Once you’ve completed voting for Zone 1, you’ll be directed to a new page where you can vote on Zone 2, and so on. At the end of Zone 4 voting, you’ll be redirected to the Parking Lot, where you can smack-talk discuss the competition.

Contestants: You can use any legal and ethical means at your disposal to win the Blog Brawl, but unlike the nomination phase, the tournament rounds are limited to one vote per IP address.

Okay, may the best blog win! Deadline for this round of voting is 11:59 p.m. EST on Thursday, March 6. Vote fast!

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9 Responses to It’s tip-off time! Real Estate Blog Brawl is underway

  1. JimM says:

    Hi Guys;

    The 2 and 15 seeds are duplicated in zones 1 and 2. Could you fix that please

  2. Jay Thompson says:

    #10 and #11 in Zone 1 are the same blog (and a fine one at that).

    I am honored and humbled to be the only non-Virginia #1 seed. But I think I deserve extra credit for being born in Charlottesville… ;)

    This is fabulous Ben. I’m finding some great blogs I didn’t know about!

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  4. My brain hurts! I obviously can’t brawl! Just invite me to the next pub meeting. That was more fun.
    Starting to post on the business blog about home, family and community.

  5. Brian Block says:

    Remember: a vote for:


    equals free beer for you!

    Vote from home and from work.

  6. Brian Block says:

    Some people have been complaining that they can’t find Zone 1. The way it is set up now, you have to click on “read more” to get to Zone 1. The other zones just show up automatically. Can this be fixed?

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