As I change from my role as a REALTOR to an Education Director, I find that many agents struggle to understand the sometimes confusing requirements of renewing one’s license. For that reason, I am going to try and lay out how one might renew their license. The classes are available most everywhere, but knowing which ones will actually help you might be more of a challenge. I strongly recommend that REALTORS keep track of their own attendance and what CE/PL/Broker hours were applied.

As a reminder, licensees must renew their licensees at specific intervals. Renewals are every two years, on the last day of the month in the anniversary month of licensing. After July 1, 2008 all agents receiving their licenses after that date must obtain their 30 hours in the first 12 months.

In addition to the hours below, everyone must take 2 hours of Limited Services before their next renewal.

For Post Licensing Agents (everyone in the first renewal cycle)

Required Hours (30 hours)

3 Hours of Agency

3 Hours of Fair Housing

3 Hours Real Estate Law

3 Hours of Offer to Purchase

3 Hours of Ethics and Standards of Practice

15 Hours of Electives

For Continuing Education (everyone who has renewed at least once before)

Required Hours (16 Hours)

2 Hours of Fair Housing

3 Hours of Ethics

1 Hour Legal Update

1 Hour Agency

1 Hour Contracts

8 Additional Hours of Real Estate Related Topics

Broker Management Hours (8 Additional after initial 16 CE hours)

Must be 8 hours approved for Broker Management topics. All licensed Brokers, to include Associate Brokers must take these hours, if they are to renew their license in July 2008 or thereafter.

Ok, so now that you are reminded of the mandatory hours, how do you track it? Start at

When you open this web page, you’ll see:


Enter your name (or license number) and click on “Real Estate Individuals”. Choose “Search Licenses”.


Once the window opens, click on the “View Continuing Education Hours” link.


On the left you’ll see a breakdown of the required training hours. On the right you’ll see the summary of continuing education hours only if you’re a CE renewal. Post Licensing Agents will see the following blue space on the left:


Post Licensing agents need to click the “To review the specific Post License Education courses that you have completed, please click on the link”. Note that you need to ignore the hours on the right they do not apply, except for the Limited Services hours that will be shown here.


On this screen PL agents will see the school who granted the hours, the class title, the mandatory or elective category of the credits and the summary of hours. Note: I have been told that CE screen will one day be this useful.

This web page is very useful for keeping you on track, but it’s not easy to navigate. I hope this has made it a bit clearer for you.

If you have any problems finding certain hours, call VAR or the Education Director at your local association and they’ll be happy to help you develop a plan to get your required hours.