Life happens between e-mails and blog posts: Twitter helps you stay in touch

In the January/February edition of Commonwealth magazine, we attempted to explain the micro blogging, text messaging, high-latency instant messaging web service, Twitter. Our attempt to explain it was a good one, but this In Plain English video from Lee LeFever at the Commoncraft Show should demonstrate Twitter’s utility.

If you’re struggling to see how REALTORS might use Twitter to interact with clients, check out Dayton, Ohio REALTOR Terri Lussier’s The Brick Ranch Twitter page. She uses Twitter to push out news and information about Dayton to create a conversation with her farm. Fluvanna County REALTOR Daniel Rothamel covered how he uses Twitter in a post to Agent Genius last year.

Virginia REALTORS are notorious for having a lot of Twitter users. Sign up for Twitter today and help perpetuate our reputation. Here’s another set of three posts from Agent Genius with step-by-step instructions on how to get started.

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  1. It just seems to me that more people are using it as instant message and full conversations instead of just a “hey, whatcha doin?” – I guess it’s personal preference. But every time I log on to see what each of you are doing, there’s already 200 messages in my feed reader and I’m missing half of what has been talked about. I just get overwhealmed instead of joining in. But Matthew loves it – and all his Twitter groupies out there. To each his own! I’ll just keep scanning and lurking for a while.

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