The Blog Brawl Parking Lot Discussion Area

Competitors, voters, innocent bystanders: This is your opportunity to discuss the VARbuzz Blog Brawl. Just leave a comment to participate. But please, remember these rules for the parking lot chatter:

  • Keep the language clean
  • No personal attacks
  • No defamatory statements

In other words, feel free to say how awesome you are, but don’t tear others down.

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197 Responses to The Blog Brawl Parking Lot Discussion Area

  1. Jeremy Hart says:

    Awesome idea Ben, thanks to you and VAR for putting it on. And since I’m the first in the Comments section right now, I’ll put in a plug for NRVLiving Real Estate – vote and get free Cheetos in the lunch room for an entire year!

  2. Brian Block says:

    Ben, there’s some great competition and terrific blogs in the Blog Brawl tournament bracket. I’ve just finished reviewing the entrants, doing my research, and have cast my votes in the first round. Thanks for all your effort in putting together this fun and interesting competition!

    It’s On!

    As an added incentive or bribe for votes, I’ll buy a beer (or drink of choice) for anyone who votes for:


    at the virtual tailgate party. If you do want a real drink, you’ll have to come to Northern Virginia.

  3. Oh my gosh, how did I draw Tboard in the first round??
    Brian, you better buy me a beer on principle! =)
    (yes, I’m in Northern Virginia!)

  4. JimM says:

    I suspect http:// has a pretty heavy advantage since we get to vote for him in both zones 1 and 2. What’s up with that?

  5. Jim – I have updated the field. Thanks for bringing it to my attention. This is our hanging chad. :-) Grrr.

    Seven votes got through before I could update it. The error was in zone 2. If the margin of victory is less than seven for either RealDia/Blog or FosterCityBlog, we’ll do a special run-off.

  6. Bummer, I wish I was in the running, maybe a home builder didn’t qualify?

    I cast my votes for the people I know all too well, some new names in there though, fun to go meet some new real estate pros in blogosphere. Great idea.

  7. Brian Block says:

    Hey, I kinda liked the idea of being on the field in two zones, Jim. Thought that could slip by without anybody noticing.

    Heather, give me a call and I’ll be happy to buy a beer.

    Should be a great tourney.

  8. Jim Duncan says:

    @Jeremy – You have a lunchroom? With Cheetos? You must for one of them “fancy” brokerages.

  9. Jay Thompson says:

    Oh sure Brian B. Come in here offering drinks for votes!

    Dang, why didn’t I think of that?

    In a shameless effort to suck up to all the fine Realtors in the Great Commonwealth of Virginia, I just want to go on the record to say I voted for all the Virginia based blogs I could. Please remember that when voting in round 2 takes place.

    Think “Zone 2, Phoenix Real Estate Guy”.

    And while I may not be a Virginia based blog, I was *born* in Charlottesville. BORN there I tell ya! Right there in Martha Jefferson Hospital! So by voting for Phoenix Real Estate Guy, you’re not casting a vote *against* a Virginia blog, you’re voting for a native Virginian!

    Think “Zone 2, Phoenix Real Estate Guy”.

    Enjoying discovering lots of new blogs!!

  10. This is very cool. Even more cool than I thought it would be when Ben mentioned it to me.

    I shall keep with my mantra. . .vote early, vote often, vote zebra (just remember to vote from different IP addresses ;-) )

    I am really enjoying getting to find out about blogs I have never seen before. That is quite possible the best feature of the whole thing.

  11. I’ll vote for anyone who gives me a drink, cheetos and is named Heather…. Ben is just too cool.

  12. Scott Rogers says:

    So . . . Ben (or anyone else) . . . what is the thought on criteria for how we should be voting? Best content? Best design? Best appeal for votes? :)

  13. @Scott: As the impartial Blog Brawl Umpire, I’m going to have to decline to answer.

  14. Oh, this is going to be fun. I “know” some great folks in VA who have sent me some wonderful Georgia referrals…so pllllleeease vote for me on Zone 4 – #2- All About Athens GA! I’m still trying to think up a great bribe – any suggestions?

  15. Cindy Jones says:

    There are some great blogs here so to even be nominated for the brawl is great!

  16. Hi Ben, thanks for inviting all of us to the party! You may also want to check zone 1, Maureen Francis is number 10 & 11.

  17. My blog seems to be in zone 1 twice. I hope I win both times.

  18. Missy Caulk says:

    …and the fun begins.

  19. jmac says:

    let’s see…Brian sends a note asking for support AFTER the nominations have closed. OK…I get that…I just went out and took control of the name of my next blog…”I am chopped liver”….watch for it. Sorry, feathers are ruffled. I see, Jay, “Mr. Motorfingers” has somehow secured hm..born in Virginia. So the hierarchy will read Jefferson, Madison…Thompson ??????? Damn it, side tracked again. Well, since Block failed to nominate me, I will just have to drop him two pity votes and move on. After all, has not had a new post since the market got busy…that’s right, over on this side of the river…we have buyers!
    love ya kids

  20. @Michelle & Maureen: Grr. More voting irregularities! You might think this election was being held in Florida! :-)

    I’m open to suggestions on how to solve this one…

  21. jmac says:


    Be fair…remove all contestants and declare me the winner.

  22. Ines says:

    This is so much fun – Did I mention how gorgeous the day is today in Miami – What a Miamism!!

    I will send Miami sand to anyone who votes for me! :)

    I’m loving the comments and the bribes althought I don’t understand the voting, but not to worry.

  23. Brian Block says:

    If early indications say anything, I may just have to rent out The Clarendon Ballroom for a night to make good on my offer of drinks to all my voters. It’s amazing how much a bit of alcohol, or even a “buying the world a Coke” can do in terms of influencing the polls. Now I understand why Mexico shuts down liquor sales during their national elections (it’s true — I was there!)

    Anyways, gotta run. I’m taking the VA Broker’s License Exam today.

  24. I must say that I have always been found of the great state of Virginia and its people. It will take a great effort to overcome the home court advantage, but think about it this way; Who do you want moderating the blog at 3:00 am?

    My name is Charles Woodall, and I approved this message.

    Zone 3 #3 is where you want to be!

  25. Ann Cummings says:

    This has some very interesting pairings – some were tough to make choices between.

    I’m looking for some sand and some beers……. I voted. How is it decided what blogs are here to vote on?

  26. @Ann We had a nominations period last week. Hope you get some sand and beer, but hopefully not in the same glass.

  27. shew- I’m not licensed so I don’t have to sweat competing- sweet!

    In that case, I would like to point out that the majority of contributors are on the ballot as is AG- like minds, eh? :)

    VOTE AG and I’ll send you rainbows and used kittens :) What a blast, Ben!

  28. Jeff Royce says:

    Remember…all the good real estate is in Virginia. This will be a lot of fun if I win! ;-)

  29. Look at all the lobbying and bribery going on! This reminds me of a certain post about RPAC ;)

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  31. Jay Thompson says:

    Congrats to those that moved on!

    ** insert subliminal message here — Vote Phoenix Real Estate Guy in Zone 2 **


    Your NATIVE VIRGINIAN friend

  32. Brian Block says:

    Congratulations to everyone who won in the first round.

    Remember, you get a free drink if you vote for in Zone 1 in round 2

    If you get your friends and co-workers to pitch in and vote, I’ll even throw in some entertainment in the way of a dance performance with my beautiful wife (she’s a professional dance teacher).

    Have a look at our first dance at our wedding:

  33. JimM says:

    How about all those upsets in Zone 4! Bloddhound Blog takes it on the chin. I’ve got to hand it to you guys for placing renorealtyblog, stpaulrealestateblog, miamism and agentgenius all in Zone 1. Sort of like putting North Carolina, UCLA and Tennessee all in one regional. I’m happy because I’m in Zone 2! This is really fun, congrats on a fun event!

  34. Lenore says:

    Wow, I’m honored to included in such a great group of blogs! Now how do I vote for my friends?

  35. Well, I’ve been able to do something Mark Gottfried can’t seem to do…make it to the second round of the tourney.

    Thanks to all that voted for! We need you in Round 2!

  36. Jay Thompson says:

    JimM is “I’m happy because I’m in Zone 2!”?!?

    You’re up against Rain City Guide, Athol and the Housechick.

    Thats sort of like putting 3 NBA teams in the NIT.

    All Ardell or Dustin have to do is tip their RCG readers and the entire Zone 2 is sunk.

    I’d be pleased with fourth in this zone. (But hoping for better ;) )

    I’m thinking none of these brackets are easy. There are some good blogs out there!

  37. Go Go Go in Zone 4, an upset in the making? A great glass of wine for every vote, but you have to visit us to collect.

  38. JimM says:

    Not being able to see the forest through the trees is my middle name. Right you are Jay, and if I’m reading it right RCG will run me out of the building starting real soon! Talk about David and Goliath, yikes! This really is great fun!

  39. I’m glad to be over in zone 4, lol and happy to have survived. Just don’t put me up against Margaret, pleeease.

  40. Jay Thompson says:

    JimM – I’m going to do my best to knock RCG out right now. Hopefully my readers will help me out….

    Beers for voting Phoenix Real Estate Guy!

  41. ines says:

    Hey Jay – we have Mojitos here in Miami!! :)

  42. Enjoyed the blogs and the brides are even better – gotta say some were definitely tough choices – some were completely new to me always enjoy reading new re blogs- great idea

  43. Just wondering how it is fair that the Zebra was my direct competition? I love it! This is all too fun!

  44. Anna says:

    Michelle D. is a friend and colleague. My vote is entirely for this wonderful person who is to emulated in her industry.

    Good luck to all of you.

  45. Anna says:

    Good luck from The Forum to our Michelle.

  46. Awwwww, my Georgia peeps have shown up here and in the zone 3 & 4 comments – thank you all – party on in Georgia! Remember out of staters, free GA clay or Georgia Bulldog postcards ;) – just drop me a comment on All About Athens GA!

  47. Ann Cummings says:

    This has been a lot of fun checking out all these sites, and then voting.

    Ben – thanks for that explanation!

    I’m waiting for my beer, and I’ll be getting my sand in a couple of weeks way down south in sunny WARM Florida!!

  48. No bribes here. Just wanted to say thank you for all the hard work that went into creating this competition and say how hospitable it is of you to open it up to everyone coast to coast. The best part -in addition to reading all of these great blogs – has been the opportunity that it has provided to get in touch with all of our clients and friends to introduce our new fostercityblog and ask for their support.

  49. Think “Zone 2, Phoenix Real Estate Guy”.

  50. Ines says:

    OK – I’m sad that I’m out and maybe Mariana and I can share that free coffee that everyone missed out on. But I have to tell you that this is very entertaining!!

  51. I hate to see some of my friends gone, but will you please consider voting for All About Athens GA – zone 4 #2? :)

    I have really enjoyed visiting all the other blogs that I wasn’t familar with and reconnecting with some old favorites throughout this competition.

    Now, excuse me, I’ve got to go out and find some new friends to beg votes from for this round!

  52. I think I have been up against a native Virginia blog each round, so a big THANK YOU to all those that have voted for DothanHomeSearch in Zone 3! I need you again to make it to the Elite Eight. I’ll pledge some boiled peanuts to all those that vote for us!

  53. Cindy Jones says:

    Oh now I’m torn. I’m a VA native and but I’ve lived in Phoenix so going up against Jay is tough. But hey this is a VA Blogger Brawl. So sorry Jay but I’ve got to take you down :-)

  54. Your all a winner in my book. May the best real estate blog come out in the end…and then take a week’s vacation. Don’t leave your laptop at home though. Jerry C.

  55. Ki says:

    I have no idea why I am so enthralled by this contest. I am not even competing. Is this going to be an annual thing? Also what does the winner get besides uber blogger bragging rights.

  56. w0w…

    …i think this group needs a tag-team cage match!

  57. If I make it to the next round, a glass of our handmade California wine goes to all! Vote for me @ – zone 4. California rules! I had to say that even though I did live in VA for 4 years in the 1990’s and loved it.
    San Mateo Real Estate News, San Mateo Real Estate News Yeay!

  58. The Virginia Bloggers are rocking the Brawl. Do think there is a home court advantage even on the Internet?

  59. Jay Thompson says:

    We need Sweet 16 results!!

  60. Jeremy Hart says:

    Ah, my reign as a #1 seed has ended. If I’m gonna go down, I guess it’s good to fall at the feet of the Queen of Real Estate Blogging! Congrats, Teresa, now on to victory!

  61. Jay Thompson says:

    Wow, what a bloodbath in the Sweet 16! Congrats to all that moved on!!

    Gotta throw my support — for what that is worth, and apparently not much :) — to Cindy Jones at Hey, if she took me out, she’s gotta be good! ;)

    Hope my NCAA bracket does better than my predictions here did ….

  62. cvillereader says:

    OK–I think a re-count is in order!! The best blogs/bloggers are not in this competition any longer.

  63. Well, it was a great run! Thanks to all of those that supported Dothan Home Search with your vote!

    Some of my favs are still in the running. Unfortunately for me, two of them are going head-to-head in zone 1. Congrats to all the winners!

  64. Brian Block says:

    Congrats to the Elite 8! Let’s go Cindy!!

  65. Is the Cinderella in Zone 2? I’m not too good at sports analogies. Does this mean that VARealEstateTalk is our ugly stepsister? Are we going to the Final Four Ball ?
    This weekend we are hoping to increase the fan base for our blog with the launch of a fun local contest called the Funky Friday Foto Find. First photo will post Friday but you can Check out the rules from the tab on the main page. Anyone Virginia Realtor who votes for us is welcome to “borrow” the idea in the event that its a runaway success.

  66. Cindy Jones says:

    Wait Lydia who are you calling the ugly step sister? Jay I’m surprised an honored to have made it past you. I was sure I was a goner. After showing day of foreclosures I’m ready for a Foster’s or maybe something even a little stronger. Let’s keep the ball rolling and on to the Final Four!

  67. Sorry Cindy. I was just trying to work my way through the logic of the Cinderalla analogy. Actually your blog is very attractive — although might I suggest that you put your name somewhere on the home page. Although everyone in VA might be able to identify you by your photo if would be nice for those of us acrosss the country to literally have it spelled out for us. Good luck, and may the best blog win!

  68. Jay Thompson says:

    Lydia – Think “Cindyrella” maybe? :)

    Usually in sports talk a “Cinderella Team” is a surprise winner — one that goes deep in a tournament against the odds. Someone that comes out of nowhere. A “sleeper” so to speak. They typically gain momentum and support from others as they move along in the event.

    Cindy – – the force is strong in you. I want you to go all the way so I can say I was knocked out by the ultimate winner!!

  69. Cindy Jones says:

    Jay-so you will have to have all of your loyal voters line up behind me now! Thanks for the support. It would be nice if a VA blog won this little brawl :-)

  70. Lenore says:

    Hey Jay, We need to keep the western part of the county in the running here. Your support for the two of us representing California is needed here! This is becoming an East v. West Contest. San Mateo & Foster City are neighboring cities, and we RULE! Vote for us in Zone 2 & 4.

  71. There’s nothing wrong with a little home cookin’ as long as a Virginia blogger wins! Hee Hee! Good luck to the finalists. While I’m impressed with who is left, I’m surprised the Real Estate Zebra is no more. And Brian? Well, good luck to the rest of you!

  72. Wow, I’m glad I didn’t bet any real money on this last round! Good luck to the final 4.

  73. Cindy Jones says:

    Good luck to the final four. Can’t believe a Virginia blog didn’t make it but it puts us all on notice to make our blogs that much better! Congratulations!

  74. Lenore says:

    Thank you one and all for voting for a California native’s blog. I do love the State of Virginia! The 4 years I lived in Northen VA were wonderful years and provide me with great memories and friends. Besides I have family in Midlothian, so that must count for something, right?

    Besides, Virginia peanuts go great with our handmade California wines. Vote of San Mateo Real Estate News and come to celebrate with us when we win!

  75. Hey Cindy –
    Just had to say what a classy competitor you’ve been, as well as a gracious loser. Thanks for your link to fostercityblog on activerain. Apparently I had you entirely miscast. Turns out you were the fairy godmother!! We’ll keep you mind when we have clients looking towards the east coast in a quest for affordable housing.

  76. JimM says:

    To say the least, this is really humbling! I can’t believe we’ve gotten this far…it’s sort of like the NCAA’s right now. If Davidson can knock out Georgetown and get to the Sweet 16 maybe they can go all the way? Honestly, thank you all! A Foster’s lager to anyone who votes for us again!!

  77. Brian Block says:

    Wow! Upsets all around. No more Virginia blogs? Who could have predicted the outcomes of this tournament from the beginning?

    Good luck to the Final Four.

  78. Joe Peffer says:

    Down to the wire on the final four. This is a good idea. Maybe I’ll do something like this on my blog next year with local neighborhoods. Coming from a town whose team played in the finals last year and didn’t make the tournament this year, I’ll tell you anything can happen. Go Buckeyes! (NIT:()

  79. XBroker Rocks!!!

    Good Luck from all of us at

  80. Go Tomatos. We’re rooting for the Xbroker!

  81. ed says:

    Great inputs.

  82. Go, Jim, go! Let’s show Texas what California can do!

  83. Flyingfish says:

    Congrats getting this far! Great seeing you at Monterey TP.

  84. Bob Carney says: Rocks…SHE KISSED A PIG and told about it!!!! How can you beat that!!!!

  85. Mr. Loco Musings says:

    What self respecting hubby wouldn’t vote for his fav Realtor???? Good Luck honey!!!

  86. Cindy Jones says:

    I bowed out this year and it is a good thing. There are some great “new” blogs. What the heck is with Brian Block going up against Brian Block about?

  87. What a fab lineup. It was like a buffet of all the different styles, angles and target readerships a blog can have. All of you make me want to do a better job with my own blog.

    Recommend changing the link for Brian’s AR blog to go directly to his blog rather than his profile to give it a fair chance of competing.

  88. Hey, how do I get an avatar?

  89. Jay Thompson says:

    “Hey, how do I get an avatar?”

    Go to It’s free!

  90. Brian Block says:

    Well, I guess I’m guaranteed to go to the next round… Though I was actually hoping to compete against myself in the finals!

  91. Hey, my hubby commented on a blog! Holy cow!! =) feeling reaaallly special now!

  92. I can’t believe I missed the entry deadline! The contestants are tough and I doubt I’d have a chance to win anyway. Good luck everyone!

  93. Thanks, Jay, for directing me on how to create an avatar with Gravatar!

    Danilo – You would have been tough competition. Gotta love that humility.

  94. Wow. Brian Chase a.k.a. Charlottesville Real Estate Blog, congrats on the #1 seed in your Zone! You must have a killer marketing company working for you! ;-)

  95. I can’t believe you are the only blogger around there Brian, amazing! Oh, make mine a Pepsi!

  96. Linda Davis says:

    I was bribed for the first round. Hoping the bribes keep getting better.

  97. Can’t believe it’s time for a new round!!!! I voted again and wish you all luck.

  98. Received a request from a friend to see and vote.
    I like NRVLiving very much and I cast my support.
    Good luck to all participants.

  99. Amy Chorew says:

    I love voting on polls, so simple, so anonymous. May the best bloggers win. I have a RealEstateZebra pin which I wear proudly!

  100. Unlike Linda Davis I was not bribed. I voted honestly and fairly.

    Except for a couple o’ Benjamins under my door mat…

    All in fun kids. I think the contest is fantastic and the contestants are the best of the best.

  101. Brian, forget the drink, save it for yourself when you make your desperate REALTOR video pleading for votes. I’m holding you to it!

  102. WOW! That was some tough voting… and this is only round 2??? :-))

  103. Lori Bee says:

    Just voted. Now who’s buying me a beer?

    And does it count that I am originally from West “by God” Virginia? Oh wait a minute, we chose the winning side, and you guys are still mad about that. Nevermind. Sorry.

    LOL. Great idea Ben!

    Cyber love sent from Carolina,
    Lori Bee

  104. I came, I saw, I voted.

  105. Go get ’em Brian!!!!

  106. Amy Cookman says:

    I voted!

  107. Brian Chase says:

    Okay, I know who Robert voted for – but what about you Maureen. Are you in it for the kids or were you swayed by offers of alcohol! Thanks Robert!

  108. CTannStarr says:

    Brian and Heather are Spanking A! Go get ’em guys. :-)

  109. Candra says:

    I voted and I’m keeping it to myself ;-)

  110. best of luck – to all – hope my folks win

  111. Tammy says:

    Oh yeah, I voted.

  112. Brad Carroll says:

    Thanks to everyone who helped out with the midnight voting blitz for Toys for Tots! You all are awesome!

  113. Amber says:

    Yes!, I voted.

  114. Andrew P. Gurzynski says:

    Well, I did vote.

  115. Cindy Jones says:

    You go Tina…hokies rule :-)

  116. It is a privilege to have Brian here at Roy Wheeler and know that his blog is indeed excellent and will help some kids have a special Christmas.

  117. Amy Cookman says:

    I voted!!!!

  118. I voted in support of my fellow twitterazi, Miss Tina! Regardless as to who wins, we’ll have an excellent blog representing us Virginians.

  119. I agree with the above! Regardless who wins this, they will be a great representative!

  120. Monika says:

    Okay…I voted again… Not telling who I voted for :)

  121. Cindy Jones says:

    Wow I get to vote again. Isn’t democracy grand!

  122. Mike Mueller says:

    I feel like I’m cheating, (voting again). Why couldn’t I do this in the Presidential Election?


  123. Desiree says:

    I am in…. and I voted via my couch in NJ….. not Italy… although Italy wouldn’t be a bad place to vote from :)

    Good luck all!

  124. Bob Carney says:

    I feel like a dangling chad…stand up and be counted.

  125. oh my GOFF! says:

    GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO HEATHER!!!!!!!!!!!!xoxox love, channel 9

  126. Echoing Bob Carney! Cute line.

  127. Matt Case says:

    I take it some were using the Daley theory in their voting?

  128. Dangling chad… lol

  129. jf.sellsius says:

    Good luck to all who bribed me.

  130. All voted…can I vote for two? I did, I did…will it count?

  131. Jeremy Hart says:

    Nice job, ladies! Good luck!

  132. Bob Carney says:

    Can we do this just once this time??? LOL.

  133. Voted. Now, Heather, where are those Redskins playoff tickets you said you could get me?

  134. Tina Merritt says:

    Wow – thank you for your votes and thank you also for the many, many condolences I received for my family’s loss this week. It’s been a tough week but your kind words were all greatly appreciated.

    Tina in Virginia

  135. Sparky says:

    This is worse than Florida! All we need now are a few dimpled chads! Thank goodness Al Franken wasn’t in the running!

  136. Voted last night. Boy, was it a tough choice!

  137. Lane Bailey says:

    This is going to be fun. Be sure to vote for me in Zone 4!… There is some tough competition. And did I mention that I grew up in VA?

  138. Jay Thompson says:

    Did I mention I was BORN in Virginia?

  139. Tina Merritt says:

    Thanks to my Mom for nominating me again! :)

  140. Brian Block says:


    I do think you’ve mentioned that at least a few times.

    We’d certainly welcome you back in the great Commonwealth.

  141. Did I mention that I was born in Virginia and stayed here? :)

    I guess that doesn’t say much for VA or me….

    Who put Jay and Tina up against each other? I mean really, as if it wasn’t hard enough to decide….

    I wonder if Jay will give me some link love from his PR 5 blog, if I vote for him?

  142. Jay Thompson says:

    Matthew asks, “I wonder if Jay will give me some link love from his PR 5 blog, if I vote for him?”

    Well Mattster, I just gave my OPPONENT Tina some PR5 link love and I’m pretty sure she didn’t vote for me…

    Now how could anyone NOT vote for someone so nice that they give their opponent such love? ;)

  143. Lori Bee says:

    Cross posting…


    This is just wrong, wrong, wrong. They are ALL my friends!

    Jeez. As if we don’t have enough stress.

    I vote for all y’all! How’s that?

    Lori Bee

  144. Matt Wilkins says:

    FINALLY got around to voting. All I will say is that my Virgina riends got thier much neded support :)

  145. Rajeev Sajja says:

    In some cases, I flipped a coin as they are very good blogs going against each other..

  146. Bob Carney says:

    WOW…great blogs…and some tough decisions. Good Luck everyone.

  147. Lane Bailey says:

    How tough can it be for me to walk my mother through voting for me? Almost not worth the vote….

    But at least she is in Virginia… since 1976.

  148. Amazed to be in this as a 3 seed, but my traffic on alexa actually compares well with most in this besides a few superstars so im happy to be in it… bring it on, I smell an all az finals

  149. Karen Hall says:

    Great entries- had a tough deciding between some of these as both were worthy- I’m up for the beer so who is buying for the next round?

  150. The weenie never entered a contest before. I feel like the blog belongs to all of us so a vote for the weenie is a vote for . . hot dogs? LOL

  151. T, I typically vote for a Republican. Therefore I am accustomed to voting for weenies :)

  152. Erik Hare says:

    All your brackets are belong to us!

  153. Lee says:


    I am the second seed of the fourth flight, pitted against a formidable nemesis. A man of advanced education, sales skill, humor and sexy dancing skill.

    He also has a hot wife.

    He seriously bribed his way with free drinks too last year. He has legacy. He certainly has game. He had 2 blogs in the competition in 2008.

    Heather still won. Focus is a formidable weapon in competition, wouldn’t you agree Brian?

    He is a lawyer, so his arsenal is stocked with bluster, mimicry and deception.

    I’m honored to be in the Blog Brawl, and when I get into situations like this, I’m always just honored. Y’all are all too cool.

    Get your real estate on,


  154. Lee says:

    Oh yeah and I just cast my votes, and will instruct my peoples to go forth and to do so themselves.

    The posse is in effect. We want to win on Friday.

    Vote in the pairing against Brian Block.

    My favorite is Digital Upperclassman, Jay Thompson and the superior blog. He’s very, very good.

    I like what I’ve seen from so many of these talented and engaging competitors. So cool.

    See ya in SF.

  155. I did my civic duty and placed my vote. Great collection of blogs!

  156. Lydia - Jim's Asst. says:

    i feel like i’m in a time warp here. just finished voting for last year’s champion — and noticed how many comments are already a year old.

  157. I voted. Now I’mm off checking my paypal account to see if the funds have been wired.

  158. Well All…it was fun while it lasted. I am proud to have made it in. Good luck to all remaining bloggers.

  159. Jay Thompson says:

    THANKS to everyone that voted for me in Round 1. It SUCKED going up against Tina. Tina rocks my world. I’d appreciate any vote I can get in Round 2!

  160. tony lazzari says:

    I am truly honored to have made it this far (also somewhat astounded). Thanks for the votes and it sounds like bribery is still alive in places other than Ill! Bes tof luck to all. peace

  161. Karen Hall says:

    Ready for payoffs as well- Great job guys- all were fantastic!! This is really a tough competition!

  162. Lane Bailey says:

    I am thrilled that I made it to the Sweet Sixteen… It only will be tougher if I make it further. IF I make it further.
    Good luck to everyone… and we are all winning.

  163. I like to drink Mojito’s in my garage.

  164. CTannStarr says:

    Looking forward to the games (LOL). ;-)

  165. Chris Bohn says:

    Hey, I cast my vote. (My 2 cents worth) !

  166. Lane Bailey says:

    5 votes… dagnabit…

  167. This is getting way too hard. These are all my friends and I’m finding it hard to vote. Please just let everyone go so I can save my friendships. They all rock!

  168. Voted!

    Best of Luck to all!!!

  169. tony Lazz says:

    Congrats to all who moved on. This was fun and I went further than I expected first time out. Good Luck!

  170. Congrats to the elite 8. My heart was torn on a couple of those votes, but also learned of some blogs I didn’t know about. Can’t wait to see who wins!

  171. Is it tomorrow yet?

  172. Jay Thompson says:

    Zone 1 was a clear choice for me, but I had to flip a coin in Zone 2….

  173. Bob Carney says:

    Ditto to Jay’s comment

  174. Linda Davis says:

    Ditto to Bob’s comment which was a ditto of Jay’s comment.

  175. Jay said “Zone 1 was a clear choice for me, but I had to flip a coin in Zone 2….”

    I KNOW! That other guys blog is great! Oh wait…..

    Look guys, this is exhausting – I’ve driven all over Virginia stopping at every McDonalds and Starbucks with wifi, just to get a unique IP… ;)

    Seriously… Thanks EVERYONE for your vote and support. I’ve been involve in any competition like this before and to have advanced this far is outstanding!

  176. yeah…that was suppose to be “I’ve NEVER been…”

  177. Linda Davis says:

    I have been bribed with a Big Mac and an order of fries more than once.

  178. “I’ve driven all over Virginia stopping at every McDonalds and Starbucks with wifi, just to get a unique IP… ;)”

    Now, that’s just funny…

    Very tough call, but I really do enjoy a good Mojito and sexy cars.

  179. Jessica,

    Drink enough Mojitos and a 1972 VW bug could be sexy!

  180. Chris says:

    I flipped a coin and it landed on edge. Just my luck.

  181. tony lazzari says:

    yow! this is tough, but still lots of fun. best of luck the all 4!

  182. Geno Petro says:

    I voted for Ines.

  183. Todd says:

    Everyone I know voted for Foster City. Good Luck Jim!

  184. George Bruegger says:

    Yeah Jim, you’re unbelievable to make it to this round a second time and you deserve all the credit. Hope you can buy us a drink too while Rochelle and I are soaking in your Hot tub!

  185. Bob Carney says:


  186. Vote for @Ines and you can listen to this ♫

  187. Go Miami!

    Ughhhhhhh. As a Seminole Fan…that kinda hurt, but Ines rocks!

    Go Miami!

  188. Ines says:

    I swear you guys – you have made my day….my month – you guys ROCK!!

  189. Miami is in Ohio says:

    Vote Early. Vote Often. Vote for Foster City Blog.

  190. Dear “Miami Is In Ohio,”

    There is no Miami, Ohio. There is an Oxford, Ohio and Miami University, which is located in Oxford, Ohio, but there is no Miami, Ohio. For the record, Miami University has about 16,000 students, which I think is less than the weekly unique visitors to

    Just wanted to clear that up in case anyone may have been swayed by that tidbit of misinformation. :)

  191. CTannStarr says:

    Inez ROCKS!!!!!

  192. Lifting my mojito to Miamism! Good luck @Ines!

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