Pulling out all the stops to win the VARbuzz blog brawl

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Think the Real Estate Blog Brawl competitors aren’t taking this little contest seriously? Think again! One is offering people who vote for him a party and dancing, another has designed a silly tee shirt, still another is offering free Skittles, and some have been just as enthusiastic in their asks for votes, even if a little less creative.

We don’t endorse any of these contestants, of course, but will be happy to link out to anyone linking in for round two the Blog Brawl.

***UPDATED 3/10/2008 at 5:30 p.m.*** And we now have a Starbucks offer.

***UPDATED 3/12/2008 at 11:56 a.m.*** More vote begging. Here’s a link love bribe. One of our less creative contestants has upped his ante with an offer of virtual puppies or kittens. This must be the strangest incentive: One contestant is offering bags of red Georgia clay to induce votes. And finally, this contestant’s members-only post on Active Rain has perhaps the most inventive incentive yet.

Vote by 11:59 p.m. tonight, March 12!

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12 Responses to Pulling out all the stops to win the VARbuzz blog brawl

  1. Jay Thompson says:

    Offering Skittles, dancing lessons and t-shirts is practically cheating. Particularly since I didn’t think of it first.

    I did offer virtual cocktails for votes in the VARBuzz parking lot though… And that offer stands. I’ll even do actual cocktails for anyone in the Phoenix area.

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  3. Jim Duncan says:

    I’m offering virtual puppies (or kittens as they seem to be more abundant) to anyone who helps me win.

  4. I am offering free REAL coffee. Beat that. … virtual puppies … humph.

  5. I’ll send you a bag of genuine Georgia red clay if you vote for All About Athens GA (zone 4, seeded # 2)-or a GA Bulldog postcard and a virtual drink! I really do make the best virtual zombies and can prove it! My link to Varbuzz is going up now! Just drop me a note on my blog in the comments!

  6. I almost forgot, we are also having virtual birthday cake to celebrate my 1 year anniversary of blogging! Fat free and calorie free! Come on by at AllAboutAthensGA.com

  7. cindy jones says:

    No one is going to top my offer. You need to head over to http://www.activerain.com/cijones52 to view the offer. It is posted as members only as I don’t want this offer to go to just anyone :-) Vote early, vote often you don’t want to miss this prize!

  8. Brian Block says:

    With all these new incentives, I’m looking forward to what types of offers we see once people reach the Sweet Sixteen.

    What can beat a party with free drinks and dancing? Remember to vote for me before 11:59 p.m. tonight in Zone #1.

  9. I didn’t *offer* T-shirts. I simply semi-created in and people have asked for them in the spirit of truth, justice and the American way

  10. Here’s a twist. Totally random, but if Matthew-the-Zebra wins (against me), I will send HIM a Starbucks card. Now, you do NOT want to see a zebra all hopped up on caffeine, now do you?

  11. Ines says:

    You guys are all whacked!! How about some Florida Sunshine??!!! (I just need to figure out how to package it)

  12. Cindy, ROTFLMHO!

    Ben, make fun of my incentive if you want, but I’m still in :) and I’ve got to mail GA red dirt or postcards to Jay, Brian & Jim, lol but they didn’t tell me which they wanted.

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