Round two of the VARbuzz Real Estate Blog Brawl is open for voting

Below is the voting form for Zones 1 and 2 in the VARbuzz Real Estate Blog Brawl. After completing this form, you’ll be taken to the Zones 3 and 4 voting form. This round, we’ve improved the form so that you can check out each of the blogs still in the running. Clicking on a link will open the blog in a new window. Good luck bloggers! This round of voting closes on Wednesday, March 12 at 11:59 p.m.

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15 Responses to Round two of the VARbuzz Real Estate Blog Brawl is open for voting

  1. AJ Nisen says:

    Good Luck to Everyone. AJ

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  5. Dustin says:

    Not sure who submitted Rain City Guide (thank you whoever you are!), but the URL with the text “/blog” takes us to a broken site. A simple: would be better! ;)

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  11. Rick Belben says:

    I guess I showed up way late to the party.

  12. It’s over but it was a pleasure reading the information . Wish I knew about this when it was going on..won’t miss the enxt one.

  13. Sorry, I missed it. I love the idea and will check back and watch out for next time. Maybe I can get my board to think about this… ;-)

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