The Main Event: Championship round of VARBuzz Real Estate Blog Brawl begins now!

It’s time to crown the king of real estate blogs. The final pairing of competitors in the VARbuzz Real Estate Blog Brawl pits #2 seed vs. #4 seed is the work of Jim Minkey, a REALTOR with RE/MAX Today, specializing in Foster City and San Carlos real estate. Jim has implored his readership for several rounds to get out and vote for him, and it has certainly paid off. He has knocked out some very formidable opponents along the way, including two Virginia bloggers with what you might consider home court advantage. His victories over, and have all come on a wide margin.

Jeff Corbett, The X Broker, a mortgage expert and former real estate broker from Texas is the challenger. Along the way, Jeff has put the beat down on BlueRoof, #1 seed, and #2 seed As you can see, he hasn’t been intimidated by Virginia real estate blogs, with two of his last three victories coming at the expense of two talented agents in the Charlottesville area. Jeff also hasn’t been afraid to mobilize his readers, and while his margin of victory has been slimmer, the results are the same.

So, now it’s a battle of two titans. Cast your vote by 11:59 p.m. EDT on Monday, March 31. The winner will be announced on April Fools Day.

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6 Responses to The Main Event: Championship round of VARBuzz Real Estate Blog Brawl begins now!

  1. JeffX says:

    Hey Ben…
    ‘Jeff Corbett, The X Broker, a mortgage expert’ link goes to FosterCityBlog…I need all the help I can get ;)

    Although I have been mistaken for a ‘mortgage expert’, I also owned a real estate brokerage and cover hot button topics in kind over at TXB. I’m like Bo Jackson, cross training, playing two sports :)
    *shameless plug*

    Good luck to FosterCity, the Blog Brawl has been a blast! Imitators are sure to surface soon, as this was a great idea.


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  3. Greg Tracy says:

    Wow- I didn’t even know this was going on, or the “beat down” I was getting. I hope I wasn’t supposed to participate in some way.

    I suppose if I can’t win it might as well be to someone good. If I knew about it I would have posted it on my blog and got my readers voting for me…

    Next time, Jeff…. there’s always a next time…

  4. Greg, you went pretty far for someone who didn’t even know they were in the game! Next year, man!

  5. JeffX says:

    Gotta be a little lucky to win…yes Greg there is always a next time…

  6. Jim Meader says:

    Great job on the blog – Keep up the good work

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