VAR’s new and improved Commonwealth Online newsletter

This morning, a new and improved Commonwealth Online newsletter should have arrived in your e-mail inbox. As of last month, we have a new layout, features segmented for brokers and rookies, and a lot more content. We’ve stopped sending monthly Rookie Report and Broker Digest e-mail newsletters in favor of this targeting strategy within Commonwealth Online. If you’re a broker, you’ll see both Broker News and Rookie News in the header and have access to both segments of content. If you’re a rookie, you won’t see Broker News.

Virginia REALTORS: if it didn’t arrive, I encourage you to contact your local association to ensure that we have your correct e-mail address on file and check your spam filter. You also may have opted out of VAR e-mails at some point. Feel free to contact me directly at (804) 249-5715 or Ben [at] VARealtor [dot] com if you’d like to get back on the list.

Alternatively, we’ll make it a point to post a link to the newsletter here on VARbuzz each month. Click here for the March 2008 edition. Inside the current edition, you’ll find links to a fascinating debate right here on VARbuzz about single agent dual agency, a story uncovering which three Virginia cities were ranked in two Forbes top 10 lists of the best metropolitan areas in the country to do business in, and a recap of VAR’s 2008 legislative accomplishments.

We’d love to hear your feedback about our new format. Please leave a comment here or contact us offline.

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3 Responses to VAR’s new and improved Commonwealth Online newsletter

  1. Scott Rogers says:

    Great new format for Commonwealth Online, and I think it’s great you’re creating some crossover with VARbuzz. Keep it up!

  2. Jim Duncan says:

    Ditto what Scott said. The crossover from those who don’t regularly (or at all) read VARBuzz could be the most valuable improvement.

  3. I don’t think I missed anything, but I don’t seem to have a copy of the email pertaining to the Magazine.

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