When did the fun die?

Fun Die

Are we having fun yet? I usually like to try and guess the answer to my own rhetorical questions, but in this case I have no idea what percentage of Realtors would say that they enjoy their career. It could be 50/50, I suppose. Why do I ask? As an instructor, I get to see agents when they first get into the business and they are excited and having fun. The freedom, the new toys, the healthy income, all the lunches from vendors, Realtor Balls and awards make it a very fun job. However, it seems that over time, some folks become less excited and less friendly toward the industry.

We’ve all met them unfortunately, the folks who just seem to be negative all the time. It seems that there is almost nothing that can be done to make these folks happy.

Here’s the thing… This is a tough industry. Practitioners give and give of themselves to their clients, while balancing shrinking income and meeting the needs of their families. The often times unrealistic demands of the consumer and constant need to reinvent themselves is a difficult task to achieve.

There are always things to consider when interacting with another, and at times these folks who may seem difficult are simply subject to the many demands of the industry. I’ve found that there are very few people who truly have malice intent to another and even fewer who realize that their negativity affects you so heavily. My belief system encourages me to forgive those who offend me seventy times seven per day. I’m not real good with math, but that’s a lot!

I have a difficult time being upbeat and happy all the time and the current market conditions aren’t helping. However, this is still a fun job and maybe all of us would benefit by addressing it as a new beginning each day. I’ve heard it said that you are most greatly influenced by those who you surround yourself with.

Try learning something new each day, look for opportunities to do something new and, start each day as if you are in your first year. Also, try to understand where that other person is really coming from. At the core of our Code of Ethics, is the belief that we should do unto others, as we would have done to us. That Golden Rule has been a cornerstone of most religions since the beginning of recorded history.

Above all, make sure you’re having fun and let others know!

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8 Responses to When did the fun die?

  1. Tony Arko says:

    I have been doing this for about 5 years and I can’t remember it ever being fun. Rewarding, exciting, frustrating, intense. I didn’t have fun in my previous career as a stock broker. I had fun times but it was never while working with a client or co-worker or fellow professional. Fun happens for me when I don’t have to work. When I don’t have to impress or engage or convert or sell. Fun happens when work doesn’t.

  2. Julie Emery says:

    This has occasionally been a ton of fun! There have been days when I swore that if I won the lottery I’d still do this for a living.
    However, these days I see a lot of families in a lot of trouble and that’s not even a little fun. It does wear on you.
    I go to sleep every night counting my blessings, being thankful for everything that happened that day, and it does help.
    But I think having fun again on a regular basis is a ways off! (Sure hope I’m wrong!)

  3. Brian Block says:

    Fun — real estate can be lots of fun. Sure beats the heck out of sitting in a cubicle 9-5 or more a la “Office Space.” What other field allows you the flexibility, creativity, potential for unlimited income (albeit potential for very limited income as well), the chance to meet some wonderful people (and some bratty ones too), and the opportunity to make your own path?

    You want fun? Check out my newest (actually 1st) YouTube video:

  4. Tony Arko says:

    I guess my idea of fun is different than most.

  5. Bryan Penman says:

    welcome to gen Y tony….

  6. Sam Chapman says:

    My thought is that fun is sometimes dependent on the time of year, the condition of the market and if an agent is having any success at that time.

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  8. Dan Daniels says:

    I am a licensed Virginia instructor and recently used the TCIGB site as a resource in a recent Continuing Education class to great effect. The advantage to the class is they can now go back to the site and view it on their own and even show it to their clients. It’s a great way to show the value that VAR brings to our table.

    Dan Daniels,
    Instructor and Principal Broker
    Governmental Employees Realty Associates
    Alexandria, VA [NVAR}

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