Why Blog?

When I started blogging five months ago, I did so in hopes of:

  1. creating an opportunity to more fully engage with my current and past clients,
  2. creating an open platform for commentary and discussion of our local real estate market, and
  3. becoming a trusted adviser on all things real estate in the Central Shenandoah Valley.

As a result of pursing the goals above, I hoped that in the long-term (perhaps after a year or so) I would see:

  1. an increase in traffic to my web site
  2. an increased sphere of influence
  3. an increase in sales

Focusing, for a moment, solely on the web site traffic — here’s what I’m finding after just five months . . .

Web Site Traffic As Related To Blogging

You’ll see that I had experienced relatively unchanged levels of traffic to my web site for seven straight months — until I began blogging. Furthermore, the increased traffic since I started blogging has been astonishing — certainly beyond my expectations.

A few disclaimers, explanations and miscellaneous thoughts:

  • I have a combined web site and blog — and the traffic trend line above is for the traffic to that combined site. Interestingly, the traffic increases have existed not solely in the blog section of my web site, but in the searching section (and others) as well.
  • When I began last November, there weren’t any other Realtors in my marketplace blogging. There are several more now, but I imagine being the first one out the gate may have contributed to my growth.
  • I have learn a lot from fellow Realtor bloggers around Virginia and beyond about how to promote my blog — commenting on other local blogs, highlighting it in offline printed marketing materials, etc.
  • In addition to increased traffic, I have certainly seen an increase in my sphere of influence — I have established many new relationships with people in my local market area.
  • I have not yet seen an increase in sales as a result of my blogging activity — but given all the increases in traffic and the increase in my sphere of influence, I imagine that will happen in the coming months or year.

Are you thinking about starting a blog? While I’m certainly not yet an expert on blogging, you are welcome to contact me — I’d be happy to share some of what has worked well and not worked so well for me over the past five months.

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4 Responses to Why Blog?

  1. Jay Thompson says:

    “I have established many new relationships with people in my local market area.”

    I’d argue not just in your local market area Scott.

    “I have not yet seen an increase in sales as a result of my blogging activity . . . I imagine that will happen in the coming months or year.”

    Blogging is much like “traditional” farming / prospecting in that it tends to take consistency over time to start producing results. I think a lot of folks give up on it because they don’t see immediate results. Keep at it!

  2. Scott Rogers says:

    Jay — you are correct, I have in fact created relationships well outside my local market as well. With other Realtors, and with consumers who have e-mailed and called me about topics I covered on my blog.

    That has been an interesting part of all of this — for example, the call I received last week from a gentleman in Atlanta, Georgia who is getting the run around from his lender on whether or not 100% financing is still available. I had written several posts on 100% financing, and apparently he stumbled upon my blog via Google. We chatted for quite a while, and hopefully the information I provided him will help him on his way towards homeownership.

  3. Scott Rogers says:

    Check out this great post over at real/diaBlog about engaging one’s audience via a blog…..as Tony and/or Danilo point out, engagement is only the first step, and it is useless if it doesn’t result in: informing, enlightening, educating, advising, encouraging, inspiring, or creating.

  4. I couldn’t believe the fun I started having once I entered the “blogosphere”. Real estate is all about connecting with people. what better way than via the web?

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