100 years of REALTOR history in 15 minutes

Following Daniel Rothamel’s post on REALTOR® history, NAR staff alerted us to this video chronicling 100 years of REALTORS®. Consider it the interactive Cliff’s Notes version of National Association of REALTORS: 100 Years in Celebration of the American Dream.

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2 Responses to 100 years of REALTOR history in 15 minutes

  1. It’s nice to remember, that realtor is very old and traditional profession. I work for Jill Stewart in Toronto and I am reading dozens of blogs daily, but in last time I meet very often with opinion, that realtors are not actually needed. I think documents like this one show that our profession emerged frome people’s needs and wasn’t just “created”

  2. Being a good leader is to know your history. NAR’s 15-minute film on our centennial celebration explains our roots. Dorcas Helfat-Browning & Dennis Cronk, two VAR & NAR presidents, share their knowledge. – I give it 5-houses.

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