ALERT! Market BOTTOM! I have 100% Proof!

 I officially have 100% proof that we have officially hit rock bottom.

No other indicators from NAR or the government have been as accurate as the proof that I have. I found a 100% correlation!

When My MOM SELLS, THE MARKET SKYROCKETS shortly thereafter!

The chart to the left is factual. Actual points when my Mom has sold a property.

The last arrow is from a recent listing, which is my Mom’s house which is now under contract. (See listing)

So there you have it. No more need to think. I have always been against the NAR campaign that says “Buy Now, ” but now I can show proof that NOW is the time to buy! That market is going UP UP UP!

Thanks Mom, for taking one for the team and helping us all out by single-handedly turning markets around!

For my previous prediction on the EXACT best day to buy, read my old market timing post.

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7 Responses to ALERT! Market BOTTOM! I have 100% Proof!

  1. Who needs Case-Schiller when we have a seer in our midst!

  2. Bryan Penman says:

    lol… i think my mother has the same luck…. i dare not mention her name…. buy high sell low…

  3. Lisa Noon says:

    Frank, this is just too funny. Thanks for sharing your tried and true methodology with us. I’ll try it with a reporter the next time I get a call on home sales – ha!

  4. This is likely as accurate as the info we get from the media. It works for me!

  5. Brilliant and funny! Also a great way to justify putting a picture of you and mom on the Buzz. Nice work Frank!

  6. Tanya Spotts says:

    I love your method and only wish more people could take advantage of this market and the great opportunities. My mom has been thinking about moving from PA., but isn’t quite ready to leave her friends.

  7. Jim Cronin says:

    OK – That was awesome!
    FBL- it was a great pleasure to meet you at Inman this past week.
    Love the business cards. You are very clever and creative.

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