April fools!

It’s the moment you’ve been waiting for, the winner of the first annual VARbuzz Real Estate Blog Brawl. From 60 competitors you have narrowed the field down to two, and now to one.

I am pleased to announce that FosterCityBlog.com is the victor in the inaugural Blog Brawl. Jim Minkey’s readers turned out in force to put this California based blog on top of the heap. Congratulations to Jim for a job well done.

FosterCityBlog.com will receive a link from VARbuzz for the entire year as well as a nifty image file that he can place on his blog as proof of his victory.

Congratulations also to TheXBroker for making it this far into the competition and all of the competitors. Everyone who made it to the sweet sixteen or better will also receive an image file to denote how far they made it in the competition.

Thanks to everyone who voted and for making this first ever blog brawl a huge success!