Blog Brawl winner can’t be determined: Web survey software vendor glitch erased all data

April fools!

It’s the moment you’ve been waiting for, the winner of the first annual VARbuzz Real Estate Blog Brawl. From 60 competitors you have narrowed the field down to two, and now to one.

I am pleased to announce that is the victor in the inaugural Blog Brawl. Jim Minkey’s readers turned out in force to put this California based blog on top of the heap. Congratulations to Jim for a job well done. will receive a link from VARbuzz for the entire year as well as a nifty image file that he can place on his blog as proof of his victory.

Congratulations also to TheXBroker for making it this far into the competition and all of the competitors. Everyone who made it to the sweet sixteen or better will also receive an image file to denote how far they made it in the competition.

Thanks to everyone who voted and for making this first ever blog brawl a huge success!

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5 Responses to Blog Brawl winner can’t be determined: Web survey software vendor glitch erased all data

  1. Jeremy Hart says:


  2. I learned a great deal about blog content from this competition. Thanks Ben Martin for bringing this tournament to Virginia and to all the bloggers that allowed us to learn.

  3. Hopefully, you are not going to reverse the results tomorrow and say April Fools to fostercityblog because we are beside ourselves with happiness. Thank you so much for graciously offering us the opportunity to participate in this fun and wonderful event. I have to say that I feel like I practically know some of you by now and have really enjoyed looking at everyones blog. By the way, our Friday Funky Foto Find contest has turned out to be quite successful. You can check it out — where else — on fostercityblog. I think it would run well in Virginia with all of the historical landmarks you have — a lot more photo ops than the lagoons in Foster City. Meanwhile, thanks again. Lydia

  4. JeffX says:

    Congrats to FosterCityBlog, thanks to Ben and the whole VARBuzz gang…the Brawl was a blast, a brilliant idea and I’m honored to have made it to the finals…

    Cheers to all the contestants!


  5. You had me for about 1/2 a second, since I read this on April 2nd.

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