Liven Up Your Marketing With Floor Plans — For Free!

Looking for a way to set apart your property marketing?  Try adding floor plans!

A few months ago I discovered MetroPix, where you can design floor plans using their FREE online service.  You can pay a bit more for floor plans with color, or in three-dimensions, or with photos, etc., etc.  Thus far, I have only utilized their free service — and then added some color afterwards.

Floor Plan Sample

Do you know of other free floor plan drawing tools?  Let me know!

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2 Responses to Liven Up Your Marketing With Floor Plans — For Free!

  1. Scott Rogers says:

    Oops! My apologies — MetroPix is no longer a free service!?! Apparently they stopped offering the basic floor plan service for free. It is now a paid service (though you can get a free trial). Now that it’s not free, I also suggest checking out

    Does anyone know of any other good online floor planning tools?

  2. Ryan Hukill says:

    Scott, great tips. I’ve been looking for a floorplan program of sorts. Thanks for the recommendations.

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