Here’s the agenda for tomorrow’s PPAG meeting at VAR’s Headquarters. For those who don’t know, the PPAG committee helps to set the VAR’s legislative agenda for the Association. I’m looking forward to the discussion about convicted felons. If anyone ever has any questions, please let me know. A lot happens in these meetings that directly affect Realtors’ businesses; it’s incumbent on all Realtors to pay attention to what happens here.

1. Call to Order – Chair Suzy Stone
2. Approval of Minutes
3. 2008 General Assembly Up-Date

a. 2008 VAR Legislative Agenda

b. Impact Fee bill

4. 2008 Voting Record

a. Staff Overview

b. Staff Recommendations

5. 2009 VAR Legislative Agenda

a. Timeline

b. Issues

i. License prohibition of convicted felons

ii. Recordation tax / grantor tax assessments – stated consideration

    6. 2008 Virginia Housing Commission Work Schedule