We’re working on a story for the next issue of Commonwealth about buyers looking for “greener” homes. Not just houses where the bulbs have been replaced by those compact fluorescents, but buildings that have significant green features.Kermit the Frog

Can you help? We need to interview some folks (we’re talking 10-15 minutes) to get answers to questions like these:

  • Whether or not buyers ask about green features in a building, do you do your research and point them out?
  • What kinds of green features are you seeing, and how has that changed in the  last few years?
  • Are there any specific green things that buyers mention appeal to them — low-flush toilets, tankless water heaters, EnergyStar appliances, something else?
  • Have you ever advised a seller to market the green angle of his or her property? (E.g., “We should mention the R-5 insulation in the attic.”)

If you can help, we’ll make you famous — well, famous among Commonwealth readers, anyway.

Just drop a note to andrew[Shft-2]varealtor.com or give a call to 804-262-3755 if you can chat.