Scott’s reality check / marketing tool

Scott Rogers, with Coldwell Banker Funkhouser in Harrisonburg, VA, I mean.

Amid all the hyperbole and sweeping generalization in the media about the state of real estate markets nationwide, Rogers had added a dose of reality to that most-essential of REALTOR® marketing branding tools: He’s added his market’s monthly home sales data to the back of his business card. Clever, huh? Good conversation starter, certainly. Business tool? Absolutely. And remarkably low-tech (though of course he does direct folks to his blog for “more analysis”).


card-front.jpgS.Rogers Card


And yes, he prints new cards every month.

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4 Responses to Scott’s reality check / marketing tool

  1. Scott Rogers says:

    Here’s a clearer version of my April business cards:

  2. Amen! from the Marketing Manager, give people information they can use. Business cards are one of those traditional business tools that I believe will die if we don’t find innovative effective ways (like this) to use them. Most cards I get end up in outlook/entourage, so I’d rather have a V-card unless there’s something useful on it.

  3. Tina Merritt says:

    What a great idea! also has mini card-flyers you can order for your listings and this would be a great thing to add to the back!

    Tina in Virginia

  4. Scott Rogers says:

    The key to this working is an affordable short run printer. I use, where you can order 100 full color (front and back) business cards (even with a free UV coating), and you only pay $14.95. With expedited processing, and shipping, it’s about $23. As Scott mentioned, I print these monthly, so I’m paying about $23/month to have this great marketing tool. So far I have been giving out less than 100 per month.

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