Blogging is not a traditional appalachian folk dance

Today I had the wonderful opportunity to tell a room full of REALTORS® about blogging. Thank you to the top performing agents at William E. Wood and Associates REALTORS® for your hospitality and attention during my presentation this morning. As promised, here is the link to Susie Scott’s brand new blog. Everyone should give Susie another cheer for diving right in to the blogging revolution! And leave a comment on her blog; you know it will warm her heart!

Giving credit where credit is due, Charlottesville REALTOR® Jim Duncan helped put together the first iteration of this presentation, which can be viewed in the slide show embedded below.

The videos played during todays presentation are also embedded below:

Blogs in Plain English:

RSS in Plain English:

Social Networking in Plain English:

Please feel free to call or e-mail me if you have any questions. Or better yet, leave a comment!

And brokers, if you’re interested in having a VAR staff member or practicing REALTOR®-blogger come speak to your agents about blogging, please call, e-mail, or leave a comment.

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5 Responses to Blogging is not a traditional appalachian folk dance

  1. Brian Block says:


    Very nice presentation — well done and you covered all the major points for an introduction to blogging. Additionally, I was honored to see that you included my blog as one of your examples.

  2. Tina Merritt says:

    Great presentation – I hope the agents will see how important blogging is and stick with it. Thank you for using my blog as one of the examples, it’s an honor.

  3. Jay Thompson says:

    Ben, this post scares me. I held a blogging seminar today too. Our presentations were amazingly similar….

    Mine is here

  4. @Brian & Tina: You guys deserve it! Tina, it’s a small world — everyone in that office knew you!

    @Jay: The similarity is scary. It’s Friday the 13th, after all…

  5. Jim Rake says:

    Ben – good show, and, thanks for mentioning The Real Estate Tomato. Jim Cronin & crew do a very good job of teaching.
    While lots can be said about the benefits (networking, leads, etc.) of blogging, its effectiveness and use as a tool to educate the real estate community may, in fact, be its greatest contribution!

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