Close more deals: Get NAR’s Code of Ethics in plain English

Face it: The REALTOR® Code of Ethics isn’t exactly light reading. Weighing in at over 7,000 words, just reading the Code of Ethics is a chore many REALTORS® dread.

VAR’s Code is Good Business campaign makes it easier to understand NAR’s Code of Ethics and demonstrates how adhering to the Code helps REALTORS® earn the trust of their colleagues and clients. Not to mention make more money.

Recently, we’ve added a new feature to all 17 articles of the REALTOR® Code of Ethics are now in easy to read layman’s language. We call it StraightTalk. If you need a refresher on the Code, or if you’ve ever felt confused by it, have a look. We’re doing our part to make the REALTOR® Code of Ethics accessible and easily understood.

Other features available at include:

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One Response to Close more deals: Get NAR’s Code of Ethics in plain English

  1. Important reminder: As great (and helpful!) as we think our Straight Talk rendition of the Code is, it’s not a substitute for the real REALTOR Code of Ethics. It’s the standard (and verbiage) of real Code to which you are held, and the standard for adjudicating any ethics complaints filed against or by you. Enjoy Straight Talk for its layman’s language, but make sure you know the Code, too.

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