Face it: The REALTOR® Code of Ethics isn’t exactly light reading. Weighing in at over 7,000 words, just reading the Code of Ethics is a chore many REALTORS® dread.

VAR’s Code is Good Business campaign makes it easier to understand NAR’s Code of Ethics and demonstrates how adhering to the Code helps REALTORS® earn the trust of their colleagues and clients. Not to mention make more money.

Recently, we’ve added a new feature to TheCodeIsGoodBusiness.com: all 17 articles of the REALTOR® Code of Ethics are now in easy to read layman’s language. We call it StraightTalk. If you need a refresher on the Code, or if you’ve ever felt confused by it, have a look. We’re doing our part to make the REALTOR® Code of Ethics accessible and easily understood.

Other features available at TheCodeIsGoodBusiness.com include: