Frustrated with the lack of quantitative data about blogging in real estate? Want to know how your blog stats measure up to others? Fed up with anecdotal evidence and pat answers about effective tactics and results in social networking?

We hear ya!

Announcing a social media research initiative specifically for REALTORS®. The Center for Real Estate and Social Technologies (CREST) will be the definitive research and education resource for social technologies in the real estate business, conducting surveys and other projects to generate benchmarks and best practices that REALTORS® can employ to improve their social networking, blogging, and social media marketing efforts. CREST’s surveys will always be in the 10-15 question range, real estate specific, and conducted every 2-3 months so you can spend less time filling out surveys and we can continually release relevant information to you.

Today, CREST launches its first effort, a 14-question survey focused on real estate blogging. We’ll have at least one more survey on blogging before moving on to other social media marketing topics. The deadline to complete this survey is Friday, July 11 at 9 a.m. EDT. The results of this first survey will be simultaneously released at REBarCamp and here at VARbuzz on July 22.

All blogging REALTORS®, no matter where they live or work, are invited to complete this survey. Those who complete it and provide an e-mail address will receive a free copy of the aggregate survey data and an executive summary. You can rest assured that we are taking all necessary steps to guarantee your anonymity in this process.

The survey is embedded below. RSS subscribers may need to click through to take the survey.

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