One of the things I’m dabbling with for is a newsfeed page — a one-stop shop for Virginia real estate blogs and news.

***Update: The page is no longer working after migrating to our new host this afternoon. We’ll post another update once we have it functioning again.

I’ve created a test page: It shows the concept in action, pulling in the latest posts from about 10 local real-estate bloggers, as well as a lot of real-estate-related news stories from the state, courtesy of Google News.

It’s very much a work in progress, and there are a lot of things wrong. Notably, it looks terrible, but form will come after function. And I’m going to try to craft the Google News search a little better.

The page will show the last 25 blog items (regardless of what blog they come from), and the last 30 news stories. Two frequently-updated blogs have their own section on the right.

Anyway, I’d love you to check it out and offer feedback — blogs that should be included, problems you notice, or any general thoughts. Thanks!