A wise neighbor!

I showed a property this afternoon in a neighborhood where I have not shown a lot of property — and my buyer clients were not familiar with the neighborhood either. We had a variety of questions in regards to safety, noise levels, etc.

Just as we were about to leave the property, we saw one of the neighbor outside of his house, and we stopped to ask him a few questions. My clients were able to learn, firsthand, from the neighbor:

  • the neighborhood is usually very quiet
  • he doesn’t remember having very many issues or problems
  • a sheriff’s deputy lives just up the street
  • a single older woman lives next door
  • most people in the immediately surrounding properties have lived there for quite a few years, and generally keep to themselves

This was wonderful information for my clients — and beyond the questions that it answered, it provided them with a general sense of comfort and reassurance that they would likely enjoy life in the neighborhood. AND — if they do buy this house, they already have a friend in one of their new neighbors!

So often I forget how valuable the wisdom and insight of neighbors can be for a buyer. Even in a neighborhood where I have sold many homes in the past, a buyer that is new to the neighborhood is almost always highly appreciative of being able to get first hand knowledge from the neighbor!