Loose lips sink deals

Seemingly innocent slips of the tongue can hurt your clients’ negotiating power — not to mention violate your duty to keep clients’ information in confidence. Check out this post by AgentGenius contributor Paula Henry about the careless dropping of information she has heard around her office and in the field.

I think you’ll also gawk at some of the comments left in response to Paula’s post from other agents around the country.

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2 Responses to Loose lips sink deals

  1. This is so true and when we are representing our clients bests interests in a negotiation, we need to keep our ears open.

    Reminds me of the old saying “you have 2 ears and 1 mouth use them in that proportion”!

  2. Matt Wilkins says:

    I am also completely in agreeance. A perfect example is a home on my street was being listed. I saw the listing agent putting up the sign riders and stopped to introduce myself/ask about the list price of the property (had not hit MLS yet). In the conversation that followed she indirectly disclosed the seller’s finanical situation (she realized right afterwards what she had said and became silent). A few months later I was talking with my next door neighbor. She had called the agent about the lack of lawn maintnence to the property and the agent also told her (a non-licensee) about the seller’s overall situation. Now I know some sellers authorize their agents to disclose these kind of things but it is still not a good habit for an agent or broker. Note: the property is still on he market and has been relisted with another agent.

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