For reasons I honestly can’t remember, I was browsing through some real-estate books and came upon this one, published in early 2006.


According to the publisher’s description, the book

…shows why the real estate market is poised to climb higher over the next decade–and explains what you can do to profit from it.

Lereah calls today’s market a "once-in-every-other generation opportunity." Today’s boom is not just driven by low interest rates–there are a host of demographic and economic reasons why real estate will continue to outpace other investments, from the growing needs of the baby-boomer generation and the rise of the "echo" boomer generation to the new ways real estate is marketed and sold.

And one review reads, "Today’s real estate markets are booming and Lereah makes a convincing case for why the real estate expansion will continue into the next decade."

The author of the review? Dewey Daane, former governor of the Federal Reserve Board Of Governors.

I believe the word I’m looking for is "Oops."