A friend of mine has a pretty darned successful play published called "The Line That’s Picked Up 1000 Babes (And How it Can Work for You!)" with, obviously, part of the plot hinging on this one, magical line.

Only in fiction is there one comment or one question that will magically solve your problems. (Although, when I used to interview people for a job, my "magic" question was "When you go home and talk about this interview, what will you say makes you hesitate to take this job?" It worked pretty well.)

That hasn’t stopped Zac Bissonnette over at WalletPop from suggesting "One question to ask your real estate agent."

The question: Do you own a home in the area where I’m looking and/or do you own any investment properties here?

There are a lot of agents out there preaching the gospel of real estate and then stuffing their commission checks in savings accounts paying 0.3%. This is a good way to screen those clowns out.

So, any clowns out there? :)