The story:

Jacky Teplitzky used to turn to all the time-tested tools to drum up business for her New York-based real estate firm, Prudential Douglas Elliman.

Billboards. Mailings. Advertising.

Not anymore. The brutal real estate slump has made Teplitzky and other agents so hungry for business that many have decided to go after a group not known for its home-buying habits: Twentysomethings. And to try to connect with them, agents are unleashing a new breed of marketing tactics, from posting homes for sale on YouTube to building snazzy Facebook pages.

And a coupla comments from concerned USA Today readers:

Generation Z will obviously be sold into slavery at the rate things are going.

The obvious goal of the realtors and bankers today is to see if they can con generation Y into signing agreements to pay 150% of their weekly income for the next 500 years for a 6′ by 6′ patch of dirt.