Tomorrow is July 1: It’s a big deal

July 1 means we’re half-way through 2008. It also means there are several new laws, rules and regulations going into effect that impact the real estate business in Virginia. Here are some of the highlights in case you missed them in earlier VAR communications:

  1. A bushel of new Virginia laws affecting real estate professionals will be enforced beginning tomorrow. You can download a convenient two-sided legal-size summary (PDF) of the new laws to get more information. If the print is too small for your taste, try the whitepaper version (PDF).
  2. Changes to the laws governing property owners associations passed in the 2008 Virginia General Assembly (also effective beginning July 1) are so sweeping, we’ve created a special webcast with VAR’s special counsel Lem Marshall to address them. Watch it here.
  3. Related to the property owners association act, VREB has just released an FAQ document about the Common Interest Community Board and the Office of the Common Interest Community Ombudsman. Download it (PDF) here.
  4. All real estate brokers with VREB license renewals due on or after July 1, 2008 must complete eight hours of broker management and agent supervision CE in their two year renewal cycle. Download a letter (PDF) from VREB for full details.
  5. The IRS raises its mileage reimbursement rate tomorrow to $0.585 per mile.
  6. Tomorrow (but not before), you can toast all these new rules and regulations with a glass of sangria at your favorite Spanish tapas restaurant. That’s right, Virginia restaurants can serve drinks that mix beer or wine with liquors without fear of prosecution beginning tomorrow.
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  2. New rate of $0.585 per mile hummm… Make every Mile Count!

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