Welcome new VARbuzz contributors!

You may have noticed some new voices at VARbuzz over the past few weeks. AgentGenius keeps cherry-picking honoring VARbuzz contributors with the opportunity to write for them, and while Danilo, Jeremy, and Matthew continue to post here, we’ve also added a few more to the mix to keep the posts regular and the perspectives varied. Here’s a run-down of the newest VARbuzz contributors:

If you’d like to be considered as a contributor for VARbuzz, just drop me a line with a writing sample. Ben at VARealtor dot com.

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6 Responses to Welcome new VARbuzz contributors!

  1. Jim Duncan says:

    Welcome everybody! I look forward to reading and “meeting” you here and in person one day.

  2. Benn says:

    Point of clarity:

    Varbuzz didn’t exist when we met and watched you, nor Danillo, Jim Duncan, Jeremy Hart, Matthew, Daniel Rothamel, nor yourself Ben. All of you in your own ways stood out in the crowd.

    These agents were selected because they are the Genius we wanted and continue to feature and promote. The mere fact that they were known outside of VA is exactly why we knew they would be instant successes.

    The use of Social tools to further your reach was and is a powerful medium we’ve always highlighted at agentgenius.com and will continue to do so.

    Here’s a few outstanding bloggers in your neck of the woods you should grab before I do- that is, if you want to be ahead of the Agent Genius curve:)

    Drew Fristoe
    Bryan Penman
    Sarah Stelmok
    Brian Block
    Natalie Langford
    and here’s another to consider – Laura Monroe

    We’re currently watching about 500 bloggers nationwide and the list continues to grow as we do.


  3. Sorry, Benn. That came across the wrong way. It was intended to be a joke.

    We are so proud that Virginia REALTORS are increasing their visibility through AgentGenius and other prominent real estate blogs. I actually advocate for VARbuzz contributors accepting other blogging assignments! At the same time, I also realize that when they take on other blogging duties, their attention is divided between VARbuzz and their myriad other responsibilities.

    Don’t choose Laura Monroe, though. She’s actually a Californian. ;-)

  4. Benn says:

    ha Ben, don’t worry, I got it, and you’re right, Laura is in Cali- 500 is a lot to keep up with!

  5. Tina Merritt says:

    Thanks for the warm welcome! I look forward to blogging with you!

    Tina in Virginia

  6. Jeremy Hart says:

    So cool to see the stables at both VARBuzz.com AND AgentGenius.com growing … it’s really something to see such great commentary originating here, thanks to VAR for giving us this forum. And welcome to everyone!

    Speaking of Heather Elias … has anyone else noticed that she’s in the running to kiss a pig???


    If you’re in the Loudon County area, or know how to advertise this there, I really think we need to make sure she wins this contest!

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