You missed it: One free registration to VAR’s Convention & Expo is gone

But there are more in the pipeline!

You could be one of a few lucky REALTORS® to win the perfect opportunity to get ahead in this challenging marketplace.

In honor of VAR’s 88th Convention & Expo, registrants numbers 88 (gone) 188, 288, 388, 488, 588, and so on… will receive a full refund for their base convention registration. That’s right, register before September 15 (the discounted early bird deadline is July 18, by the way) and you might just get your entire base registration fee back. Winners will be announced at and notified by e-mail.

Trying to time this contest is like trying to time the real estate market, so don’t bother trying. Just register today for your chance to attend VAR’s Convention & Expo for FREE!

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5 Responses to You missed it: One free registration to VAR’s Convention & Expo is gone

  1. Brian Block says:

    Ben, neat promotion. Kinda like trying to be the 12th caller after a particular song on a radio station.

    I did however finish the free gas crossword puzzle and will be faxing it off — don’t you accept scan/emailed entries?

  2. You can certainly email it to me, Brian. ben at varealtor dot com.

  3. Sorry I missed it. Where can we get detailed information about this event?

  4. Charles, Check out www dot VARConvention dot com for full details on the Convention.

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